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  • Residential Fire Sprinklers…A Step-By-Step Approach for Communities (Second Edition)
    National Fire Sprinkler Association and International Association of Fire Chiefs – This guide is for all stakeholders, from the citizen to the fire chief and from the homebuilder to the elected official, with an interest in improving fire protection in their community. There are a lot of great examples of communities who have been successful in adopting fire sprinkler requirements; this guide expresses some of their tactics to success.
  • Home Fire Sprinkler Cost Assessment
    The Fire Protection Research Foundation – September 2008, Report by Newport Partners. This report has been commonly referred to as the NFPA $1.61 report. It is a very comprehensive report that takes into consideration the location of the community, the type of NFPA 13D system installed, the water system available to supply the system, etc. The key to recognize about this report is that it was conducted by a third party agency (Newport Partners) and involved many stakeholders to the process of community fire protection, including homebuilders and architects. This report looked at ten communities across the country and the cost of installation and the savings as a result. The cost of installation identified in this study ranges from $0.38 per square foot to $3.66 per square foot. There is also insurance savings results in this study. The range identified was 0 to 10% with the average being 7%.

To find out what products have had advisory notifications issues, many stakeholders have created a series of webpages that will link to current and past product advisories.  NFSA maintains links to these pages at our Product Advisories webpage.

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