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What do you get from NFSA Membership?

Being a member of our network you will enjoy benefits from all the NFSA departments.



provides support though Expert advice, Technical advice, and Industry support.

  • Expert of the Day (EOD): This program is one of our most used member benefits and provides members with informal interpretations on industry codes and standards. These opinions are valued for their consistency, logic, and committee insights, and are often relied upon by AHJs when questions arise. Member’s receive access to this service whenever they require.
  • Technotes: published on Tuesdays when there is no live Technical online seminar, this newsletter keeps members up to date on the changes and proposed changes to the fire sprinkler codes and standards, as well as rapidly developing fire protection technology. Members are also provided access to the full archive of Technotes’ previous publications
  • National Fire Sprinkler Magazine: is an exciting and informative bi-monthly publication produced by NFSA. The magazine includes technical articles, contractor advice, and regional/national news. Members receive access to the archive of prior issues as well as an article search
  • ITM Report: Published quarterly discussing recent topics pertaining to NFPA 25.
  • E&S Committee: Because NFSA represents a balanced membership, we are afforded a unique opportunity in the codes and standards making process. The E&S Committee is comprised of industry leading technical experts and is responsible for many of the sprinkler requirements in today’s codes and standards. The committee provides a forum to generate proposals and comments to the NFPA codes and standards, which allows you to have a direct input into the industry guidelines. With representation on more than 50 NFPA Technical Committees, NFSA is one of the largest contributors to the entire NFPA consensus standards-making process.
  • NFSA members receive significant discounts on NFSA Publications and NFSA Inspection forms, which are an industry standard.


NFSA Training

offers a mixture of online, on-site, and blended training programs, as a member you will enjoy big training discounts.

  • Live Online Technical Tuesday
  • Online Training
  • Insider Training
  • Discounts on seminar registrations and training products


NFSA Labor/Legal

Support provides labor negations and mediation for NFSA members.


Regional and Local Team NFSA staff

Works to serve you and your community by education and local member support. NFSA strives to give our members local resources with national support. Our regional managers are the face of the association at a local level and they provide information and requests to headquarters so that resources can be directed effectively and efficiently. Regional managers can schedule training, host meetings, advocate at local and state hearings, and be a general resource for your company.


The Government and Outreach Department

maintains an industry presence in the local, state, and federal level.