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BusyBusy is a time tracking software for the construction industry. Eliminate manual timecard collection and the headaches that come with it. BusyBusy is designed so that employees can clock in and out, take a break, and switch between projects and cost codes on the job site. Employees can also upload photos of projects, share their location, and add time log descriptions to track their progress on a number of projects.

BusyBusy is also designed with HR in mind and exports data to all the major project management and accounting software products, including Quickbooks, Foundation, Explorer, ADP, Paychex, and Microsoft Dynamics—to name just a few.

NFSA members receive a 25% discount on BusyBusy’s services. Install today and find out why BusyBusy is the number 1 time tracking software for the construction industry!

NFSA is excited to announce that our members now have access to higher FedEx discounts off list rates than ever before. When you sign up for the NFSA Shipping Program, you’ll save 45% on FedEx Express and 25% on FedEx Ground. If you’re currently using the program, be sure to re-enroll to get the improved discounts. 

With all of the challenges businesses are facing right now, it’s more important than ever to take advantage of cost-saving benefits. Whether you’re shipping orders to customers, getting shipments in from suppliers, or managing customer returns, you’ll be able to reduce your costs.

The National Fire Sprinkler Association is proud to announce its partnership with WagonheimU, and members save $250 on the popular masterclass!

WagonheimU is your guide to the legal side of the construction industry. WagonheimU offers several webinars and online courses covering everything a business owner should know, including classes on project management, contract negotiations, and much. much more.

Enroll in one of WagonheimU’s courses today and learn how you can protect your business.