Rich Fire Protection & NFSA Work to Protect Atlantic City Fire Station

The National Fire Sprinkler Association and contractor member Rich Fire Protection collaborated on a unique project for the fire station at the Atlantic City International Airport. This partnership involved installing fire sprinklers in an unconventional location: a mock airplane used for emergency training.

A Unique Challenge: Installing Fire Sprinklers in a Mock Airplane

The mock airplane

This project, unique in the realm of fire protection, involved protecting a training area for airport firefighters. Located in the firehouse mezzanine, this mock airplane serves as a crucial training ground for firefighters and EMS personnel, preparing them to handle medical emergencies on aircraft.

The project’s inception followed a mandate from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs’ Codes and Standards Division. The department mandated a fire sprinkler system for the training area. When this mandate came up, the fire department knew who to turn to: the NFSA and Rich Fire Protection.

Luckily, the NFSA and Rich Fire Protection were up for the task. The NFSA was instrumental in the project at the Atlantic City International Airport, providing vital funding and strategic support, thereby ensuring compliance with fire safety standards, while Rich Fire Protection’s skilled labor and technical expertise were key to effectively installing the unique fire protection system.

Rich Fire Protection: Rising to the Challenge

The interior of the mock airplane with concealed sprinkler head in view.

Rich Fire Protection, recognizing the project’s distinctiveness, eagerly bid and was chosen for the job. It wasn’t merely a retrofit but an adaptation of an unconventional space, requiring considerable skill and precision. The project’s execution entailed extending the existing fire sprinkler system into the mock plane. Impressively, the physical installation was completed in just one day with only four fire sprinkler heads. However, extensive planning and preparation were the most time-intensive aspects, ensuring flawless execution.

Obstructions can be deadly when it comes to fire, which is why the NFSA was proud to work with its contractor member Rich Fire Protection to protect those who protect us. Fires in training areas and fire stations are not unheard of, which is why having the highest degree of protection possible is ideal.

About Rich Fire Protection

Founded in 1979 amidst rising concerns about fire safety in casinos, particularly in Atlantic City, Rich Fire Protection played a key role in enhancing safety across the city’s casino strip. Today, the company remains a vital player in protecting Atlantic City and New Jersey, offering comprehensive fire protection services including 3-D design, installation, maintenance, alarm monitoring, and a responsive 24-hour emergency service.

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The Rich Fire Protection team with Local 669 District 10 Business Agent John Bodine and AC international Airport firefighters.

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