NFSA Announces Partnership with Eastern Kentucky University!

Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) is in Richmond, KY and it is home to one of the nation’s fire protection programs. There are three-degree concentrations from which to choose: Engineering Technology, Administration, or Arson and Explosives investigation. The university is also home to a well-regarded construction management program, which affords students the chance to take courses in that discipline. The school is unique in that for several years now all the classes for all three programs have been available via online education.

Shane Ray, NFSA President and others on the NFSA staff are graduates of the EKU Fire Protection Program. Over the years NFSA has done side-by-side burns, recruitment events, and even some research with the university in support of the NFSA mission. As our relationship with the school grew, we began to explore opportunities for our members to take advantage of some of the education afforded by the school. NFSA is excited to partner with EKU to offer all our members a 25% discount on tuition in any of the classes at EKU!

“It’s an honor to create this corporate partnership between NFSA and EKU, and it’s an honor to sign this document.” -NFSA President Shane Ray

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With all of these classes being offered online it would provide NFSA members with an excellent and affordable way to provide professional development. It is worth noting that this discount applies to all the classes EKU offers, not just the fire protection specific courses.

EKU also houses an exceptional safety training academy. As part of this effort, Shane Ray and Caleb Armbrust met with representatives from that team and are very excited about the opportunities for generic and customized safety training for NFSA members. Looking for more information? Contact NFSA’s Director of Membership here.

You can also connect with NFSA Director of Membership Caleb Armbrust a 2011 graduate of the EKU Fire & Safety Engineering program for more information.