J.C. Cannistraro | Member Monday

J.C. Cannistraro, originally established in 1963 as a Plumbing Contractor by John Cannistraro, Sr., has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past six decades. Today, it stands as a diversified company excelling in various fields such as HVAC – Heat Pipe, Fire Protection, HVAC – Sheet Metal, Special Hazards, Automated Controls, and Process Piping. With an unwavering commitment to adaptability, Cannistraro continues to pursue diversification as a means to ensure its continued relevance and productivity. During a site visit, NFSA staff had the privilege of attending a presentation on the company’s rich history and current endeavors, led by Paul Farrao, the Senior Director of Manufacturing, Logistics, and Purchasing.

At the helm of Cannistraro now are esteemed leaders: John C. Cannistraro, Jr., serving as the President; David G. Cannistraro, assuming the role of CEO; Joseph C. Cannistraro, responsible for the financial aspects as the CFO; Dean Allaire, serving as the Sr. V.P. of Construction; and Regina R. McGregor, holding the positions of V.P. of Corporate Services and General Counsel. With over 900 employees, the company’s workforce continues to expand.

Following the presentation, NFSA staff were treated to a comprehensive tour of the plant and property by Paul, who was accompanied by Steve Cook, the Chapter President and a Project Executive at Cannistraro.

Embedded in Cannistraro’s philosophy is the Triangle of success, which revolves around three key principles: unwavering support for their clients, a deep-seated commitment to honoring and respecting their employees, and an emphasis on punctual bill payments. It was evident throughout my visit that these principles were not just hollow words but an intrinsic part of the company’s culture.

Gracious thanks to Paul Farrao of Cannistraro for providing all the accompanying photographs. For more information, visit J.C. Cannistraro’s website here.

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