Member Monday: Hydra-Tap™ Revolutionizes NFPA 25 Inspections

Hydra Tap Revolutionizes NFPA 25 InspectionsSuzanne Mayr and Michael Wilson of the National Fire Sprinkler Association met with Jeremy Bradfield, inventor of Hydra-Tap™. During their meeting, the NFSA team and Jeremy discussed the function of this product, its inspiration, and its projected impact on the fire sprinkler industry.

Drawing on his years as a fire sprinkler service technician, Jeremy thought of all the ways the process of conducting an NFPA 25 inspections could be improved. Some time consuming processes that kept coming to his mind were flow tests, including forward flows, FDC backflushes and fire department connection hydrostatic tests.

One thing that Jeremy found too inefficient and risky had to do with the fire department connection check valve. During the process of flow testing, fire sprinkler service technicians often flip around the fire department check-valve in order to conduct their test. This process is both laborious and risky because it involves a technician going into a confined space prying apart a pipe that was not meant to be separated. It also poses the risk of impairment in the event of a fire due to the fact that it impedes the fire department from using the FDC properly.

Enter the Hydra-Tap™

With safety and ergonomics in mind, Jeremy invented the Hydra-Tap™. This device is designed to hold the clapper of the fire department connection open, which allows the water to flow during testing and eliminating the need for the technician to flip the fire department check valve around.

The Hydra-Tap™ no doubt is a simple and ingenious tool, but its simplicity has a big effect. Jeremy explained that the process for a flow test can take anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes. Multiply this across several fire department connections in several different buildings and it becomes clear how much this takes up in a technician’s working day. With the Hydra-Tap™, however, this process now only takes 20 to 30 minutes!

The Hydra-Tap™ is compatible with nearly every type of check valve, requires little training to use and is rated at 250 PSI/1,000 GPM. This product is already starting to gain traction, with over 500 orders across the country and counting! This product is being distributed through ARGCO, so be sure to reach out to your local representative today!

Continuing to Innovate

Jeremy’s penchant for innovation does not end with The Hydra-Tap™; indeed, he has already brought to market an articulating scope for internal inspections. Called the Articulating Hydra-Scope™, this scope is specifically for fire sprinkler contractors and can fit into 1/4” pipe. This articulating camera can take up to 9 hours of video or 20,000 still images.

Be sure to check back for more innovations designed to make your inspections more efficient!

Hydra-Tap™ and the NFSA

A recent NFSA member, Jeremy shared that he is looking forward to taking advantage of the NFSA’s many marketing and promotional opportunities. Jeremy looks forward to attending NFSA’s seminars and chapter events.

For more information on Hydra-Tap™ and Jeremy’s other inventions, visit his company’s website at