Member Monday: Snap Drill Makes its U.S. Debut!

NFSA staff were able to sit down with Martin Talgø of Snap Drill, one of the Association’s newest SAM members. Martin, Manager at Snap Drill, was excited to talk about the history of his company and his plans for breaking into the U.S. market.

The Start of Snap Drill

Snap Drill was founded in September of 2020 but the concept started 4 years ago over a discussion during a Christmas dinner. The conversation, which was between brothers-in-law Tor Ole and Thomas, turned to problem solving at work. Thomas, a plumber, and Tor Ole, a machinist, were having a spirited discussion about issues that come with drilling holes in steel pipe. As the conversation grew in its intensity (and volume, most likely) Tor Ole and Thomas to a concept: “How about a tool that grips directly onto the pipe?” From there, Tor Ole began drawing a design on a white napkin and Snap Drill was born.

Snap Drill’s Function

Snap Drill’s vise locks on to a pipe. Once the tool is in place, the user can then lock in a drill to Snap Drill. The tool’s built-in level ensures consistency throughout the process. Once the drill is secured and everything is aligned, the user can then begin drilling. The stepless gearbox on Snap Drill makes it so the user does not have to apply any torque or weight to the drill, saving their wrists and leading to a more accurate project.

Ergonomic, Accurate and Safe

Snap Drill is a project estimator’s dream come true. Knowing how quickly workers can accomplish a task helps in both scheduling and budgeting. Snap Drill also ensures accuracy with each use and reduces mistakes and waste in time and materials. Snap Drill can also help in the long term with mitigating the risk of repetitive motion injuries and Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome, as the user does not have to apply any pressure when using it.

Snap Drill Looks to Break into U.S. Market

Martin is excited to work with the National Fire Sprinkler Association to foster relationships with potential U.S. clients. While Snap Drill is still new to the NFSA, Martin is already excited by the number of networking and advertising opportunities he has seen that come with membership. Martin looks forward to demonstrating the effectiveness of Snap Drill at NFSA’s North American Fire Sprinkler Expo in October and is also looking forward to making an appearance at area interest meetings and chapter meetings.

For more information on Snap Drill, visit their website at

Click Here to Download Snap Drill’s Informational Flyer