Member Monday: Team NFSA Takes to the Road in Indiana for Visits and Demonstrations

Demonstrating effectiveness of fire sprinklers in IndianaTeam NFSA had a productive week touring around Indiana for member visits and fire sprinkler demonstrations. The team’s tour started with a burn demonstration for Campus Fire Safety at the Indiana University in Bloomington. With well over 100 attendees, the burn was a tremendous success. It was the team’s first burn with the new trailer NFSA donated to the Indiana State Fire Marshal’s Office. The new State Fire Marshal, Steve Jones, was on hand to welcome the crowd as was Bloomington Fire Chief Jason Moore.

A Visit with Ryan Fire Protection

Meeting with Indiana fire sprinkler contractorAfter the burn, the team had great member visit at Ryan Fire Protection. The team was able to see a live burn demonstration trailer from the 1990s that had not been used in years. The team took the time to listen to the company’s history as well as what their vision is for the future.

Ryan Fire Protection has been a member of the National Fire Sprinkler Association for 30 years, and it is great to have members who are so involved in the industry.

Promoting Fire Sprinklers at Purdue University

Demonstrating effectiveness of fire sprinklers in IndianaPurdue Fire Chief Kevin Ply kicked off a great fire sprinkler promotion event at Purdue University. He shared the fire death statistics in campus housing and off campus housing, noting zero deaths in residential units with fire sprinklers.

Team NFSA with President Shane Ray, Ron Ritchey, Brian Biggs, Marty Blackwell, and Peyton Biggs were there to support the Indiana State Fire and Public Safety Academy staff with the side-by-side burn demonstration unit. The event had over 150 students, fire officials, university staff, and media. There were also several NFSA Indiana Chapter members present, including representatives from Ryan Fire Protection, FE Moran, and Plumbers Supply.

Following the side-by-side burn, approximately 70 fire officials and fire sprinkler professionals gathered for a lunch and learn with the NFSA team.

Promoting Fire Sprinklers at Notre Dame University

Demonstrating effectiveness of fire sprinklers in IndianaNotre Dame Fire Chief Bruce Harrison’s tireless pre-event preparations and warm hospitality were a fitting crescendo on the third day of NFSA’s campus fire safety tour. Chief Harrison welcomed the approximate 100 fire officials, fire sprinkler professionals, and campus officials in attendance.

Team NFSA and President Shane Ray narrated the side-by-side burn, and local news affiliates WSBT and WNDU provided excellent television coverage which featured interviews with President Ray and Indiana State Fire Marshal Steve Jones.

The NFSA Remains Committed to Raising Awareness About Fire Sprinklers and Fire Safety 

Every day, the National Fire Sprinkler Association team is working throughout the country to save lives and protect property. Our team works to accomplish this goal through a variety of means, including side-by-side burns, training, and networking events.

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