Member Monday: The Flow Company USA Makes Installing Residential Fire Sprinklers a Breeze

The National Fire Sprinkler Association’s Michael Wilson met with Franz Haase of the Flow Company USA to discuss the company’s history, services, and plans to break into the U.S. residential fire sprinkler market.

Franz has an impressive resume in the fire protection field. Having worked as both a fire sprinkler contractor and a fabricator, he knew the importance a National Fire Sprinkler Association membership would have for this new business, which is why signing up as a Supplier and Manufacturer member was the first thing he did after opening the Flow Company’s USA branch.

But what exactly is it the Flow Company offers? Read on to learn more!

The Flow Company Looks to Build from its Overseas Success

Originally founded in the United Kingdom in 2012, the Flow Company supplies sprinkler products to other supply companies and installing companies. The Flow Company has its own unique product range starting with valve control range in all sizes with its own flow switch. They supply pipework and fittings that are a new concept to save install time that link to CSST (corrugated stainless-steel tube) fittings.

The Flow Company: Residential Fire Sprinkler Products

Just a few examples from the Flow Company’s product line.

The Flow Company’s valve control riser is a great application for any residential fire sprinkler system. It was designed and constructed with NFPA in mind and is an affordable solution for any residential fire sprinkler project.

Franz also showcased the company’s fire sprinkler pipe. This metal pipe is easily joined together by crimping, eliminating the need for adhesives. He also displayed the Flow Company’s flexible pipe (CSST), which is makes installing and positioning sprinkler heads a breeze.

These are 3 items to be launched with other units to follow next year such as pumps and controls with modern inverters and monitored valves and receiving controls. The Flow company will be looking for companies to be part of a Beta group for trials within the United States so stay tuned for updates from the Flow Company.

The Flow Company and the National Fire Sprinkler Association: Partners in Progress

With a product line that is new to the country, Franz knew the best way to break into the U.S. market was by joining the National Fire Sprinkler Association. With contractor members and chapters all over the country, the NFSA is the best way for companies to build relationship and generate leads. Several international companies such as Rotaflow and Snapdrill have joined the National Fire Sprinkler Association to help them break into the U.S. market, and the Flow Company is no exception.

Franz is already looking forward to attending the NFSA’s Business and Leadership Conference and breaking into the U.S. market. For more information on the Flow Company contact Franz or visit the company’s website today!