Member Monday: Kentucky Fire Sprinkler Contractor Stewart Richey Protects the Region!

Kentucky fire sprinkler contractorNFSA staff had the opportunity to sit down with Roddy Grimes, President of Stewart Richey Construction. Roddy and NFSA discussed Stewart Richey’s history, products, services, and role as a construction company and fire sprinkler contractor in Kentucky.

History of Stewart Richey:

Kentucky fire sprinkler contractor

Roddy Grimes, President of Stewart Richey Construction

In 1973 Stewart Richey Construction started as a small residential contractor in Bowling Green, KY, established by Mr. Jimmy Stewart (father), Buster Stewart (son), and Bill Richey (brother-in-law). Stewart Richey continued to grow steadily and ultimately shifted its focus to commercial and industrial markets.

Houchens Industries, Inc., the largest ESOP Company in the United States, purchased Stewart Richey in 2000. This acquisition further strengthened Stewart Richey and brought a great benefit to its employees in the form of wonderful retirement benefits.

In January 2023, Stewart Richey will celebrate 50 years of service to South Central Kentucky and the surrounding regions!

Services Provided by Stewart Richey:

Stewart Richey is made up of two divisions – the Stewart Richey Contracting Group and the Stewart Richey Service Group. The contracting group is made up of multiple disciplines of construction. Having multiple disciplines allows them to perform almost every phase of work from building, mechanical, to finish work. Some capabilities include concrete, structural steel, pre-engineered steel, HVAC, plumbing, piping, electrical, fire protection, and painting.

The service group provides service work for homes, businesses, and facilities. This service work includes HVAC, plumbing, electrical, refrigeration, or fire protection. The ability to provide many different areas of service allows for the Stewart Richey on call solution.

Stewart Richey – Community Involvement and NFSA Membership:

Because Stewart Richey has been in the Bowling Green, KY area for almost 50 years, they are also very active within the community. They participate in school activities, career days, home shows, and most recently helped where they could for those affected by the tornado that hit south central Kentucky (December 2021).

Roddy explained that he and other fire protection employees enjoy the NFSA membership and the benefits provided. The two benefits enjoyed most are the Expert of the Day (EOD) and training opportunities. Roddy encourages all those considering NFSA Membership to join! “It is so important to have an advocate for fire sprinklers and the NFSA does so much for the members and the industry in the background. As a member of NFSA you not only support the association but the fire sprinkler industry.”

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