Member Monday: ARGCO, a Premier Fire Sprinkler Supplier

Recently, the NFSA staff met with Jim Stoddard, the president of the Allied Rubber & Gasket Company (ARGCO). Jim and the NFSA team discussed the company’s history, services, and role within the National Fire Sprinkler Association as a fire sprinkler supplier.

ARGCO was founded in 1981 and has been serving the fire sprinkler industry ever since. ARGCO started with red rubber and Teflon gaskets. Jim explained that over time ARGCO added to their product line, eventually leading to them becoming a leading distributor of fire protection products.

Growing Alongside the Industry

ARGCO: Fire Sprinkler SupplierAs far as products go, Jim shared that ARGCO offers a wide variety of supplies suitable to a number of fire protection projects. ARGCO offers groove couplings, flexible sprinkler drops, butterfly valves, and even full riser assemblies—the list goes on and on. ARGCO now offers over 5,900 different items, and that list is growing alongside the industry and its ever-growing demands.

ARGCO has also added tools and several replacement parts to its product line, including headguards, signs, gauges, and even escutcheon caps. Jim also mentioned that ARGCO has the only U.S.-made fire sprinkler escutcheon line, which is manufactured in their facility in Corona, California. ARGCO also handles the assembly of tools and packaging of piping chemicals, as well fabrication of drum drips, pipe stands and riser assemblies at their facility in Arkansas. Jim explained that the future is looking bright for ARGCO, and that they are happy to be the only independent distributor that goes from coast to coast. ARGCO has multiple manufacturing locations, including facilities in Coventry, Rhode Island, Fort Smith, Arkansas, and two location in the Los Angeles area.

ARGCO and the NFSA: Partners in Progress

ARGCO has been a proud NFSA fire sprinkler supplier and manufacturer (SAM) member since the late 1980s. They have been a regular at NFSA’s expos and conferences and regularly attend NFSA’s chapter meetings throughout the country.

Jim shared that he is happy to be an NFSA member, and that partnering with the NFSA has been a great way for his business to grow in several markets. NFSA chapter meetings get his sales team in front of several customers and play an important role in establishing relationships with contractor members.

To learn more about ARGCO’s impressive product line and services to the industry, please visit their website.