Member Monday: From a Refrigeration Shop to a Global Supplier, AVK Has it All!

AVK Fire Sprinkler SupplierNFSA staff sat down with David Roe out of the American AVK U.S. Office in Minden, Nevada to discuss the company’s history, products and services, and role in the NFSA. 

The AVK company was founded in Denmark during World War 2 as a refrigeration shop. What started as a Danish machine shop with 5 employees grew into a multi-national firm with over 4,3000 employees around the globe. 

The North American branch of AVK was established in Fresno, California in 1985 and would eventually relocate to Minden, Nevada. American AVK manufactures fire hydrants, and a variety of valves, including gate valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, and check valves—to name a few.   

American AVK has a manufacturing facility on site. Up until 7 years ago American AVK only manufactured water-based products, but the company has since grown to include products for the natural gas industry. 

On the Cutting-Edge of Innovation

AVK Fire Sprinkler SupplierDavid explained that innovation can be tough with gate valves. Despite this, AVK’s technical facility in Denmark does everything it can to ensure that their products are constantly improving. Recently, the team took an AWWA gate valve and reconfigured it to make it UL-specific. David explained that the team found a way to make the valve in question 25% lighter. He explained that AVK’s preoccupation with quality has made so their products need very little in the way of servicing or repairs after installation. 

American AVK and NFSA 

David said that American AVK has been an NFSA fire sprinkler supplier member for around 7 years or so. He said that working with NFSA, especially through their Expo, has helped AVK make connections and break into the UL and FM world.  

David, who was also a former NFSA contractor member before moving to the supplier sector, expressed his satisfaction in working in the fire sprinkler industry hopes for a bright future with NFSA. 

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