Member Monday: GC-Track Makes its U.S. Debut!

NFSA staff was able to sit down with Pablo Cazarin of GC-Track to discuss the company’s history, services, and partnership the NFSA.

GC-Track is a recent NFSA SAM member, having joined this past Spring, but Pablo knew the best way to break into the U.S. fire sprinkler industry was with an NFSA membership.

GC-Track was founded in 2016 in Mexicali, in Baja California, Mexico. The company opened in 2016 but spent its first two years in operation in research and development. In 2018 the company hit the ground running, offering its services throughout Mexico, and has since expanded into Central and South America. GC-Track has some sizeable clients in Latin America, including Coca Cola, Mazda, Fiesta Americana, as well as a Colombian Company called Tecses and the Enel Group. There is no doubt that GC-Track has been successful in business development, and Pablo was more than happy to share what services the company offers.

GC-Track’s Hardware and Software Monitor Your System in Real Time

GC-Track’s hardware and software monitor both fire alarm system and fire sprinkler systems to ensure they are operational.
The hardware division creates the monitoring devices that are then installed on fire alarm panels and fire sprinkler pumps. GC-Track’s hardware is compatible with most alarm panels but can be installed on every type of fire pump. Hardware installation is plug and play and only takes 4 to 5 hours to install, minimizing the time a system is down.  It is both UL and ULC listed.

GC-Track’s software links up to its hardware and monitors the health of both fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems and can detect issues in these systems as they arise. GC-Track’s cloud-based technology can connect to multiple devices via the GC-Track app, which is available for both Android and iOS Systems. Users can monitor both their fire alarms and fire pumps all in one place and can also download reports into a PDF for their records.

GC-Track’s Partnership with NFSA

With GC-Track’s success in Mexico and Central and South America, Pablo is looking to keep the success going by breaking into the U.S. market. Pablo is excited to have the NFSA’s directory, chapters, and field staff as a resource to help reach out to contractors in the U.S. Additionally, Pablo is excited to promote GC-Track’s services at NFSA’s expo!

For more information on GC-Track, or to book a demo with Pablo, visit