DOL Clarifies FFCRA Issues for Employers

We all know that many times having frequently asked questions and answers available makes a big difference! NFSA is happy to share that the Department of Labor (DOL) recently released answers to questions frequently asked by employers regarding paid leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). Among the points of guidance, the DOL clarified that, if an employee takes leave under the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act or Emergency Family Medical Leave Expansion Act, his/her employer must continue the employee’s health coverage under the same terms it was provided prior to the leave.  This will be among the costs to be reimbursed to the employer through tax credits. Accordingly, this would require a NFSA contractor whose employee is covered under the NASI Welfare Fund to continue making contributions to the Fund for the duration of the employee’s protected leave. Read more of the DOL’s guidance here.