Member Monday: Safety Fire Sprinkler Corporation Protects New York City

fire sprinklers in New York CityNFSA staff was able to stop by Safety Fire Sprinkler Corporation’s office in Brooklyn, New York to discuss the company’s history, services, and role in the NFSA with Avi Shteirman and the rest of Safety Fire’s staff.

Safety Fire Sprinkler Corporation got its start as a service shop but would eventually grow to include installations. Avi explained that the company will handle projects ranging from one sprinkler head all the way up to installations in 40 story buildings, and everything in between, including inspections, repairs, and services. The company has grown to over 100 employees and boasts one of the most diverse group of fitters in the city!

Avi also explained that the company has always had a great relationship with the New York City Fire Department. Safety Fire Sprinkler Corporation played an integral part over the years in educating the fire department and inspectors on the value of fire sprinklers in New York City and the role they play in protecting firefighters, particularly with fire sprinkler inspection, testing, and maintenance.

Working to Keep New York City Safe from the Threat of Fire

fire sprinklers in New York CitySafety Fire Sprinkler Corporation works in all five boroughs and its reputation as a quality fire sprinkler shop has allowed it to work with a number of clients, including Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, FedEx Ground, Jimmy Jazz, Kingsborough College, Manhattan North Management, NBC News, and
New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Safety Fire Sprinkler Corporation and NFSA

Avi and his team have been happy to work with NFSA as members and appreciate NFSA’s presence on several NFPA technical committees. Safety Fire Sprinkler Corporation also works closely with the New York Fire Sprinkler Contractor’s Association.

To learn more about Safety Fire Sprinkler Corporation’s mission to install fire sprinklers in New York City, visit their website at