Announcing our Supplier & Manufacturer’s Grant Program

In 2018, the NF’SA’s Supplier and Manufacturer (SAM) Council made a significant decision to increase the dues for all SAM members. The purpose of this increased funding was to support the production and distribution of the “Fire Sprinklers Buy Time” campaign, including its related commercials and media buys. This campaign was crucial in raising awareness about fire safety and the vital role of fire sprinklers.

As the two-year period came to an end, the SAM Council recognized the ongoing importance of having dedicated resources to support meaningful initiatives within the industry. Consequently, they voted to continue the assessment indefinitely. However, rather than using the funds immediately, they decided to keep them in a dedicated account. This account would be managed by the SAM Council and the funds would be directed towards projects that could significantly advance the industry.

Now, with a balance accumulated, the SAM Council is in a position to support initiatives that can make a real difference. To ensure that these funds are utilized effectively, the Council is seeking input from members and chapters. They are inviting suggestions for projects that are worthy of SAM-directed funds and have the potential to benefit the industry and its members.

The council is committed to using these funds in a way that will foster growth and development within the industry. By involving the collective insights and expertise of SAM members, they aim to identify and support projects that will drive meaningful progress and enhance the overall effectiveness of the industry. Members and chapters are encouraged to share their ideas and propose projects that align with the SAM’s goals and vision for the future.

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