NFSA’s Satellite Media Tour 2020!

On October 5th, NFSA President Shane Ray will be joined by Chief Ron Siarnicki, Executive Director of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, and Rob Feeney, an advocate with Common Voices and survivor of the Station nightclub fire. We have over 30 live interviews set up with television stations across the country. Check out our complete line up! I hope you can tune in if we are airing at a station near you. You’ll note we also have several national programs.

We are very excited about this event, and appreciate our partners in progress, Common Voices and NFFF for helping us make it happen. A big thank you to Common Voices, as they are the official sponsor of the Satellite Media Tour. Also a big thanks to our team who works tirelessly behind the scenes with Vickie Pritchett leading the project team that includes Alex Siu, Dennis Wood, Brian Biggs and PJ Duncan. These events are high energy and fast paced…just the way we love it! Thanks to the Anne Arundel County Fire Department for providing an engine and crew to take care of the non-sprinklered side in the demo.

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All Appearances:


  1. WHTM-HAR (ABC) – Harrisburg, PA
  2. WFTS-TB (ABC) – Tampa Bay, FL
  3. WHTM-HAR (ABC) – Harrisburg, PA
  4. KGUN (ABC) – Tucson, AZ
  5. WFTS-TB (ABC) – Tampa Bay, FL
  6. WISH-IN (CW) – Indianapolis, IN
  7. WXMI-GR (FOX) – Grand Rapids, MI
  8. KTVK-PHX – Phoenix, AZ
  9. WVLA-BTR (NBC) – Baton Rouge, LA
  10. KMPH-FRES (FOX) – Fresno, CA
  11. KLJB-DAV (FOX) – Davenport, IA
  12. WFFF-BUR (FOX) – Burlington, VT
  13. WTWC (NBC) – Tallahassee, FL
  14. KIDY (FOX) – San Angelo, TX
  15. KXVA (FOX) – Abilene, TX
  16. WMDT-DT2 (CW) – Salisbury, MD
  17. KBTV (FOX) – Beaumont, TX
  18. KPEJ (FOX) – Odessa, TX
  19. KFTA (FOX) – Fort Smith, AR
  20. WNKY CBS 40 – Bowling Green, KY
  21. WECP-TV – Panama City, FL
  22. KMSS-SHV (FOX) – Shreveport, LA
  23. NBC Watertown – Watertown, NY
  24. WSYT (FOX) – Syracuse, NY
  25. WFXL (FOX) – Albany, GA
  26. KEYC-DT2 (FOX) – Mankato, MN
  27. WICZ (FOX) – Binghamton, NY
  28. WYFX (FOX) – Youngstown, OH
  29. KVCT (FOX) – Victoria, TX
  30. WPFO (FOX) – Portland, ME
  31. WFXS (FOX) – Wausau, WI