New England Fire Sprinkler Coalitions

MA Fire Sprinkler Coalition and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition teamed up to present a “Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives” for Developers program to State and Local Building Inspectors, Planning and Zoning Board Members and Fire Officials to provide education and information on how inclusion of residential fire sprinklers early in the design phase of a project, home or development can not only increase fire and life safety for occupants, but can attain cost savings and trade-ups for developers as a design advantage. The Coalition is thankful to the Hopkinton Fire Department and the New England Laborer’s Union for their participation and support.

The MA FIRE SPRINKLER COALITION meets at the Hopkinton Fire Department Headquarters, 73 Main Street, Hopkinton, MA. Fire Chief Paul Zbikowski is the FCAM delegate to the MA Coalition.

The RHODE ISLAND FIRE SPRINKLER COALITION meets at 1000 AM at the East Greenwich Rhode Island Veteran Fireman’s Club located at 80 Queen Street.

The MAINE FIRE SPRINKLER COALITION meets at 9:00 AM at the State Fire Marshal’s building 43 Commerce Drive, Augusta, ME.

The NEW HAMPSHIRE FIRE SPRINKLER COALITION meets at 9:30 AM at the State Fire Marshal’s offices located at Smokey Bear Drive, Concord, New Hampshire.

The CT FIRE SPRINKLER COALITION is chaired by Fire Marshal Keith Flood, West Haven FD.