Newly Installed Sprinkler System Contains Fire in Apartment

Virginia, Minnesota– A newly installed fire sprinkler system was put to the test this week when a fire started in an apartment in Virginia, Minnesota. The fire started after a tealight was placed too far back on the shelf of a wood clock. The radiant heat from the candle was enough to set the fixture on fire.

Luckily, a single sidewall sprinkler above the clock went off and contained the fire, preventing it from spreading throughout the apartment.

The fire sprinkler in question saved not only the life of the occupant in the apartment, but it also protected occupants in the other 40 units as well. While the fire started from a single tealight, it had the potential to double in size every minute depending on the surrounding fuel sources, meaning the entire room could be engulfed in flames in mere minutes.

Fire sprinklers prevent these tragedies and protect occupants and the firefighters who respond to calls like this every day. The National Fire Sprinkler Association works across the country to promote the widespread acceptance of fire sprinklers in all buildings. For more information on the NFSA’s mission, or to report a sprinkler save in your area, contact us online.