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Fire Sprinkler Guide 2018 IBC – This publication incorporates the 2018 edition and provisions of the International Building Code (IBC), Copyright 2018, International Code Council, Inc. (ICC). All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission of the owner. For further information, go to Neither the International Code Council nor the National Fire Sprinkler Association makes any warranties with respect to the use of this document. Neither the ICC nor NFSA assume any responsibility for errors that may appear in this document. The interpretations made in this document have been made by NFSA and should not be construed as formal interpretations made by ICC or the code official of the jurisdiction.

Historic Structures Retrofit Guide 2019 – “At its most basic, preservation is about protecting places that matter to each of us. We want our children to know these places. We want them to stand as beacons for us and for those who come after us… to tell our stories, and the stories of our communities and our lives.” – Stephanie K. Meeks, President and CEO National Trust for Historic Preservation


Residential Guide – “Are you interested in taking a different approach to fire and life safety? Are you interested in saving lives, property, money, and water? Do you feel a sense of obligation to the citizens, community and environment? Of course the answer to these questions is YES! This guide is a great place to begin or enhance your efforts to reduce community fire risk.
The resources referenced in this guide are as comprehensive as exists when it comes to fire sprinklers in all new construction, especially residential fire sprinklers. With a majority of the fire deaths in the United States occurring in residential buildings, and billions of dollars in fire loss attributed to the direct and indirect costs associated with residential fires, it is time for state and local fire and building officials to seek the solutions to this national tragedy.”


Retrofit Guide – The Retrofit Guide is intended to assist fire chiefs, code officials, and other community leaders with implementing a fire sprinkler retrofit program within their communities.




Fire Sprinkler Guide – Fire Sprinkler Guide to Fire Sprinklers in the International Building Code (2015 Edition) – This guide covers all the design advantages given by fire sprinklers in the 2015 IBC.





Guide to Fire Sprinklers Changes in the 2018 IFC, IBC, IRC, and IEBC – “This short guide is compiled of several articles written by National Fire Sprinkler Association’s Director of Codes and Public Fire Protection, Jeffrey M. Hugo, CBO, and reprinted from the National Fire Sprinkler Magazine to highlight the changes and new code requirements in the 2018 International Codes, such as the International Fire Codes(IFC), International Building Code (IBC) International Existing Building Code (IEBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC).
This guide is prepared to assist jurisdictions, code officials, architects, engineers and contractors with the latest adoption and enforcement of the most recent and updated codes. ”

Fire Sprinkler Guide – IBC (2015)
IFC – IBC – IEBC Guide