Golden Sprinkler Recipients

The Golden Sprinkler Award is NFSA’s highest honor, and is presented each year to an individual who has dedicated his or her career to promoting the fire sprinkler concept and advancing the fire sprinkler industry.


2019 Golden Sprinkler Award Winner Buck Buchanan (center) stands with NFSA President Shane Ray (left) and NFSA Chairman of the Board Kent Mezaros (right)

NFSA is proud to present the 33rd Golden Sprinkler Award to Buck Buchanan. This award, which is the N NFSA’s highest honor, is presented each year to an individual who has dedicated his or her career to advancing the fire sprinkler industry. Buck’s career in fire sprinklers began in 1966 with Automatic Sprinkler of America. In 1975, Buck, along with George and Steve Meyer, opened Central Sprinkler Supply in Atlanta, Georgia, ultimately expanding to 14 locations, merging with Central Sprinkler and going public in 1984. Buck’s journey with the NFSA goes back to 1975 in Atlanta, Georgia, where, along with Jack Hayden, NFSA’s Southeastern Regional Director, and HOF member, they initiated what was to be informally one of the NFSA’s first state chapters. Buck has represented Central Sprinkler on NFSA’s Board, and Globe Fire Sprinkler, the last eight years. He has served on numerous councils and committees including Manufacturers, SAM, Audit, Awards, Residential, Membership, Nominating, Quality Assurance, and Seminar. He is currently an active member of the AFSA, NFPA IFSA and FM Global’s Advisory Committee. Buck is only the third person to receive both the NFSA’s Golden Sprinkler Award and the AFSA’s Parmalee Award (2001) along with Bill Meyer and Frank Fee III. Born in Youngstown, Ohio, and residing in Devon, Pennsylvania, Buck and his wife Carmie are the very proud parents of seven children.




John (Jay) C. Livingston

NFSA is proud to present the 32nd Golden Sprinkler Award to John (Jay) C. Livingston. This award, which is the NFSA’s highest honor, is presented each year to an individual who has dedicated his or her career to advancing the fire sprinkler industry. Jay is one of NFSA’s most active members. He served on numerous NFSA Technical Committees throughout the years, including Standpipes, Piers & Wharves, Residential Sprinklers and more. He was Regional Committee Chair from 1978 through 1986, Chair of the E & S Committee from 1987 to 1993, and a member of the NFSA Board of Directors from 1998 to 2000. As a result of his involvement, Jay is the recipient of NFSA’s Russell P . Fleming Technical Service Award and now the NFSA’s highest honor, the Golden Sprinkler Award. A Maryland native, Jay is the proud father of four children, the grandfather of 12 and a great-grandfather to two! He served in the United State Marine Corps until he was honorably discharged in 1957, and was a member of the President’s Honor Guard for President Dwight Eisenhower. We honor Jay and his years of service to the National Fire Sprinkler Association .



2017 – Jack Thacker
2016 – Kevin Ortyl
2015 – Buddy Dewar
2014 – Gregg Huennekens
2013 – Richard Ackley
2012 – Claude L. Chafin
2011 – James Dalton
2010 – Ausmus Marburger
2009 – Wayne Gey
2008 – Kevin T. Fee
2007 – Robert L. McLeod, Jr.
2006 – William Oliver
2005 – John A. Viniello
2004 – Gene B. Endthoff
2003 – Raymond Malek
2002 – Michael J. Friedman
2001 – Richard D. Sullivan
2000 – Richard T. Groos
1999 – Raymond Kenz
1998 – Frank J. Fee, III
1997 – Robert C. Worthington
1996 – Cos Occhipinti
1995 – Joe E. Wiginton
1994 – William J. Meyer
1993 – Richard J. (Dick) Boulanger
1992 – Harry N. Rider
1991 – Harold P. Eidson
1990 – Richard Martineau
1989 – John J. (Jack) Ryan
1988 – William R. Goss
1987 – Raymond J. Casey