Future Leadership Committee

What is the Future Leadership Committee?

The Future Leadership Committee was given official committee status by the NFSA Board of Directors in October 2013. The Committee is tasked with helping to develop future NFSA leaders by:

  • Providing input to the NFSA Board of Directors regarding NFSA’s direction and leadership and the future of the fire sprinkler industry,
  • Increasing the awareness of and engaging new fire sprinkler professionals within NFSA,
  • Identifying challenges that new fire sprinkler professionals face within the industry, and implementing strategies to alleviate these concerns, and
  • Recognizing fire sprinkler professionals whose qualifications merit grooming as future NFSA leaders.


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Patrick BoweABCO PeerlessNew York
Matt ColemanEngineered Fire ProtectionMissouri
Bobby DewarWayne Automatic Fire SprinklerFlorida
Kevin Fee Jr.Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co.South Carolina
Sean FlahertyViking Automatic SprinklerMinnesota
JR FowlerComunaleOhio
Justin GeyWayne Automatic Fire SprinklerFlorida
John HaightDelta Fire Systems Inc.Utah
John HebertF.E. MoranIllinois
Sean HeskettPotter Elec. Signal Co.Missouri
Shawn HoyerAmerican Fire Sprinkler Corp.Kansas
Chad HuennekensUSA Fire ProtectionIllinois
Conor KauffmanKauffman Co.Texas
Randy LaneGlobe Fire Sprinkler CorporationFlorida
Kacee PaigeJohnson ControlsConnecticut
Jeff LittleRCI SystemsArizona
James LewisAmerican Fire SprinklerKansas
Brad MacMillanNorthstar Fire Protection of TexasTexas
Zachary MagnoneTyco Fire Protection ProductsRhode Island
Mark ManningPatriot FireWashington
Wilton MarburgerRisk Suppression PartnersPennsylvania
James McHughAGF ManufacturingPennsylvania
Tyler MobleySimplexGrinnellTexas
Jeff NortonViking GroupMichigan
Glenn PainterMilton J. Wood Fire ProtectionFlorida
Ed PriestDavis-Ulmer SprinklerNew York
Melisa RodriguezLeo A DalyMinnesota
Ben StewartWestern States FPS. Dakota
Daniel WakeVictaulicPennsylvania
Karl WiegandGlobe Fire Sprinkler Corp.Michigan
Dan WilderWestern State FPArizona
Ed WisemanKauffman Co.Texas

Future Leadership Communications July Newsletter

Hello everyone and welcome to another NFSA FLC newsletter! As the weeks pass and we find that many of us are still working from our home offices we try and look at the bright side of the benefits that come from working at home including working from anywhere!

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Engaging Leaders of the Future Today: NFSA Future Leadership is Already Leading

In 2013, several long-time National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA) board members recognized the need for a structured way to facilitate engagement with the rising generation of fire sprinkler professionals. Their passion and vision led to the creation of the Future Leadership Committee (FLC), whose charter is to, “promote and support the development of future leadership within the Association.” The chair of the FLC has a non-voting seat on the NFSA board of directors and provides valuable insight into developing trends within the industry and feedback from the FLC to board of directors.

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