Field Operations, Industry Promotion, and Government Relations

Field Operations’ primary focus is on creating new markets, protecting existing markets, and improving the business environment within the fourteen NFSA regions. This is the very heart of NFSA operations in serving the membership at the local level, as diverse issues and solutions exist throughout these fourteen regions. NFSA is committed to expanding its team of Regional Managers and providing even greater service to sprinkler contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers.

Gary West

Director of Field Operations

Dave Kurasz

IP Director

Region: New Jersey

Brian Biggs

Regional Manager, Southeast

Region: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee

Tom Brace

State Coordinator for Minnesota

Region: Minnesota

Tim Butler

North Central Regional Manager

Region: Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin

Lorrell Bush

Florida Regional Manager

Region: Florida, Puerto Rico

David Davis

State Coordinator for New Jersey

Region: New Jersey

Frank Ellis

State Coordinator for New Jersey

Region: New Jersey

Cindy Giedraitis

South Central Regional Manager

Region: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas

Joel Hewitt

Local Coordinator

Region: Minneapolis

Erik Hoffer

Executive Director - Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board

Region: Chicago metro area

Marty King

State Coordinator For Wisconsin

Region: Wisconsin

John Laventure

St. Louis IP Specialist

Region: St. Louis

Suzanne Mayr

Northwest Regional Manager

Region: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington

Wally Miller

St. Louis IP Specialist

Paul Richard

St. Louis Metro Area Coordinator

Ron Ritchey

Great Lakes State Coordinator

Region: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio

Rob Geislinger

Great Plains Field Services Coordinator

Region: Colorado, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska