Code Tracker

Welcome to the NFSA Code Tracker. This document is the result of searches on a number of different websites and input from our code development team and regional representatives.

ASSUMPTION: where not otherwise individually adopted by the authority having jurisdiction, it is assumed that the edition of the NFPA standards shown are simply the ones listed in the “referenced standards” chapter of the IBC and IFC.

LIMITATION: states and local communities can adopt codes and standards at their discretion; as such, the use of this list should be done with caution. The only way to know exactly what each community has adopted at any given time is to call them before the design of the project.

NOTE: The 2015, 2018 and 2021 editions of the International Fire Code (IFC) has fire sprinkler retrofit requirements for A-2 & I-2 occupancies, as well as buildings for the storage and manufacture of cellulose nitrate and pyroxylin plastics.

Click on a state to view the adopted codes for that state. Also, you can click on the markers to see specific municipalities.