NFSA seminars, both in class and online, are approved in most states for CEUs for building and fire officials as well as licensure re-certification accreditation. NFSA is a certified NICET trainer and therefore all in class training and online training qualify for NICET credits. Additionally, NFSA is an ICC Preferred Provider and an AIA Continuing Education Provider. For those states with specific CEU requirements, please see the information below.


Wisconsin CEU Approval

(Note: WI approves CEUs for online courses based on questions asked and not contact time. Please refer to the table below for WI approved CEUs.)
WI LicenseAdvantage Fire Protection8
WI LicenseHydraulics for Fire Protection8
WI LicenseNFPA 25 ITM of Water Based Systems8
WI LicensePlan Review & Inspection of Fire Sprinklers8
WI LicenseLayout Technician Training Seminar80.5
WI LicenseNFSA Regional Training Meeting1.5
WI LicenseNew Storage Arrangements2
WI LicenseCeiling Pockets and Other Configurations2
WI LicenseCalculating Standpipe Systems2
WI LicenseDealing with Sloped Ceilings2
WI LicenseProblem Solutions in Building and Life Safety Codes2
WI LicenseControl Mode Specific Application Sprinkler Rules2
WI LicenseDiesel Fuel Tanks for Fire Pumps2
WI LicenseSoffits, Eaves and Overhangs2
WI LicenseCalculating Sprinklers under Obstructions2
WI LicenseAir Venting and Relief Valves2
WI LicenseWhen to Use NFPA 13R2
WI LicenseAlarm System Interface2
WI LicenseChanges to Water Supply and Hose Stream Requirements2
WI LicenseDry Systems and Residential Occupancies2
WI LicenseHigh Rise Buildings with Relationship to NFPA 14 and 202
WI LicenseClearance to Storage2
WI LicenseRules for Revamping Systems2
WI LicensePumps in Series2
WI LicenseSeismic Protection and NFPA 13 Annex E2
WI LicenseHigh Velosity Low Speed (HVLS) Fans1.5
WI LicensePaint Spray Booths NFPA 33 Advanced Class1.5
WI LicenseIRC/13D Pipe Sizing1.5
WI LicensePlastic Pallets1.5
WI LicenseThe New NFPA 251.5
WI LicensePipe Stands1.5
WI LicenseWhat Happens During Plan Review1.5
WI LicenseStorage Occupancies - Ceiling Slopes1.5
WI LicenseSeismic Protection 101 Basic1
WI LicenseCommissioning and Acceptance Testing of Sprinkler Systems4
WI LicenseFire Pump Sizing and Layout4
WI LicenseNFSA Annual Conference1
WI LicenseNFPA 13D Discharge and Calculations - Basic1.5
WI LicenseNFPA 13D Layout and Detailing - Basic/Intermediate1.5
WI LicenseWhat Materials Can You Use in NFPA 13D - Basic1.5
WI LicenseAsk the Experts - Basic/Intermediate1.5
WI LicenseNFPA 14 Update - Basic/Intermediate1.5
WI LicenseNFPA 25 Update - Basic/Intermediate1.5
WI LicenseSigns and Certificates1.5
WI LicenseFoam Water Sprinkler Systems - Intermediate1.5
WI LicenseCommon Mistakes - Intermediate1.5
WI LicenseProtection of Aircraft Hangers - Intermediate1.5
WI LicenseSprinklers on Glass - Intermediate/Advanced1.5
WI LicenseExposure Systems - Intermediate1.5
WI LicensePump Criterial in 2013 Edition of NFPA 20 - Adopted by IBC1.5
WI License2013 Edition Criteria for Residential Sprinkler Systems1.5
WI License2013 Water Supplies1.5
WI LicenseAntifreeze in Sprinkler Systems1.5
WI LicenseDischarge Criterial in NFPA 13 2013 Edition1.5
WI LicenseCommissioning & Acceptance Testing of Fire Sprinkler Systems7
WI LicenseUnderstanding, Applying and Enforcing NFPA 257
WI LicenseSprinkler System Installation Requirements7
WI LicenseFire Pumps0.5
WI LicenseCentrifugal And Positive Displacement Pumps0.5
WI LicenseFire Pump Location and Protection0.5
WI LicenseSizing Fire Pumps0.5
WI LicenseSuction Piping and Appurtenances0.5
WI LicenseHydraulic Calculations with Fire Pumps0.5
WI LicenseDischarge Piping and Appurtenances0.5
WI LicenseDiesel Engines for Fire Pumps0.5
WI LicenseElectric Motors for Fire Pumps0.5
WI LicenseFire Pump Controllers0.5
WI LicenseInternational Building Code and Fire Pumps0.5
WI LicenseAcceptance Testing of Fire Pumps0.5
WI LicenseInspection, Testing and Maintenance of Fire Pumps0.5
WI LicensePumps for Fire Protection6.5
WI LicenseAcceptance Testing and Hydraulics for Plan Reviewers6.5
WI LicenseRough & Final Inspections of Fire Sprinkler Systems7
WI LicenseNavigating the Storage Requirements4
WI LicenseThe Two Sides of Plan Review4
WI LicenseSpecial Installation Topics4
WI LicenseInspection, Testing & Maintenance for Building Owners4
WI LicensePreserving Your Community Through ITM4
WI LicenseNFPA 13R - 2016 Edition1
WI LicenseNew Storage Protection Options NFPA 13 - 2016 Edition1
WI LicenseNFPA 25 & 72, A Coordination Q & A1
WI LicenseNFPA Permissible Sprinkler Omissions1
WI LicenseAdvanced Hydraulics1
WI LicenseUnderstanding, Applying and Enforcing NFPA 13D7
WI LicenseIntroduction to Sprinklers, Pumps and Standpipes7
WI LicenseWisconsin Residential Fire Sprinkler Workshop6
WI LicenseNFPA 13 Hanging & Bracing - 2016 Edition1.5
WI LicenseCommodity Classifications Updates for 2016 & Beyond1.5
WI LicenseNFPA 13, 13R, & 13D Residential Updates - 2016 Edition1.5
WI LicenseNFPA 13 Installation Criteria - 2016 Edition1.5
WI LicenseNFPA 20 Updates and Highlights1.5
WI LicenseNFPA 13 Discharge Criteria Updates - 2016 Edition1.5
WI LicenseObstruction to Residential Sprinklers1.5
WI LicenseImplementing New ITM Procedures - 2014 Edition of NFPA 251.5
WI LicenseInstallation of CPVC1.5
WI LicenseUpdating ICC Codes - 2009 to 2015 Editions1.5
WI LicenseAlarms and Initiating Devices1.5
WI LicenseFire Sprinklers in the ICC1.5
WI LicenseCloud Ceilings - The Latest Research1.5
WI LicenseObstructions to Standard Spray and EC Sprinklers1.5
WI LicenseObstruction to ESFR and CMSA Sprinklers1.5
WI LicenseCeiling Elevation Changes in Storage Occupancies1.5
WI LicensePlanning the System for Its Lifespan1.5
WI LicenseGeneral storage Requirements - NFPA 131.5
WI LicenseMiscellaneous and Low Piles Storage - NFPA 131.5
WI LicenseInspecting Storage Occupancies - NFPA 131.5
WI LicenseProtecting Rack Storage for Class I - IV NFPA 131.5
WI LicenseProtecting Palletized and Solid-Piles Class I - IV and Group A1.5
WI LicenseProtecting Rack Storage of Group A Plastics - NFPA 131.5
WI LicenseNFPA 13, 13R, & 13D Updates - 2007-2010-2013 Edition7
WI LicenseFire Sprinklers Installed Outside1.5
WI LicenseRemote Monitoring and Remote ITM1.5
WI LicensePiping and Valve Installation1.5
WI LicenseTanks per NFPA 221.5
WI LicenseTrade Ups in the IBC1.5
WI LicenseThe Codes and Retrofit1.5
WI LicensePractical Applications of Leading Edge Research1.5
WI LicenseFlexible Technology1.5
WI LicenseThe Science Behind Thermal Expansion1.5
WI LicenseForward Flow Arrangement and Testing - A Closer Look1.5
WI LicenseWater Supply Systems1.5
WI LicenseAntifreeze System Updates1.5
WI LicenseNFPA 13 FAQ's1.5
WI LicenseCorrosion Issues1.5
WI LicenseBackflow Protection For Fire Sprinkler Systems2
WI LicenseStandpipes1
WI LicensePlan Review1.5
WI LicenseNFPA 13 and Sprinklers Under Exterior Projections1
WI LicenseProtected and Unprotected Concealed Spaces: Part 21
WI LicenseVertical Shafts, Stairways and Elevators1
WI LicenseUnusual Ceilings1
WI LicenseProtecting Buildings Under Construction1
WI LicenseProtected and Unprotected Concealed Spaces: Part 11
WI LicenseOther Special Situations1
WI LicenseIntro to Water Based Fire Protection Systems8
WI LicenseDiscussing Design Approaches1
WI LicenseUnderstanding 2017 Edition of NFPA 251
WI LicenseAn Overview of Corrosion in Fire Sprinkler Systems1
WI LicenseAdvanced Hydraulics8
WI LicensePumps for Fire Protection8
WI LicenseUnderstanding the 2017 Edition of NFPA 252
WI LicenseUnderstanding, Applying and Enforcing NFPA 258
WI License2018 Building Code Changes for Fire Sprinkler Contractors1
WI LicenseHydrant Flow Tests per NFPA 2911
WI LicenseNFPA 13, 2019 Edition Update1
WI LicenseNFPA 13 Assessing Water Supply Adjustments1
WI LicenseNFPA 13, 2019 Edition -Installation and Residential Updates1
WI LicenseNFPA 20 Updates 2019 Edition1
WI LicenseThird Party ITM Reporting1
WI LicenseNFPA 13, 2019 Edition - Discharge and Hanging & Bracing Updates1
WI LicenseNFPA 14, 2019 Updates1
WI LicenseNFPA 13, 2019 Edition - Specialty Occupancy Requirements1
WI LicenseUsing NFPA for DoD Projects1
WI LicenseIFC for Sprinkler Contractors1
WI LicenseNFPA 25 Updates1
WI LicenseRecommended Practices for Insulation1
WI LicenseUL Standards and Certifications Updates: Impact to the fire service Industry1.5
WI LicenseDry Sprinklers for Commercial and Residential Protection1.5
WI LicenseRight Piece of Equipment for Dry System Application1.5
WI LicenseAir Vents and Corrosion: New Requirements for NFPA 131.5
WI LicenseNFPA 13R Updates and IBC Requirements1.5
WI LicenseWhat's up in the Attic: Protection of Attic Spaces1.5
WI LicenseNFPA 13 Updates1.5
WI LicenseNFPA 13 Chapter 25.8 In-Rack Sprinkler Protection Options Independent of Ceiling Sprinkler Design1.5
WI LicenseBenefits of UL Listed Antifreeze in Fire Sprinkler Systems1.5
WI LicenseThe Effect of Obstructed Ceiling Construction under a non-sloped Ceiling on QR Pendent Storage Sprinklers1.5
WI LicenseNFPA 13, 14, 20 and 25 Updates - Automatic Inspection and testing1.5
WI LicenseFire Pumps for Fire Systems1.5
WI LicenseFire Hydrant Flow Testing1.5
WI LicenseTIM Talks - Inspection testing and Maintenance Topics1.5
WI LicenseNFPA 101 and IBC1.5
WI LicenseProtecting Devices that protect fire sprinkler systems1.5