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National Fire Sprinkler Association Launches New Association Management System

July 27th Update:

The situation with the online training integration has been a source of extreme frustration to both NFSA staff and you our members. The situation is not yet resolved. We are working with two sets of developers to complete the integration of the learning management database with the membership database. This will enable classes to be purchased and taken while the continuing education items will be passed back to the membership database. At this time I do not have a specific date when the system will be live, but have been assured that all parties are working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. I sincerely apologize for the length and severity of this disruption. ~Caleb

June 15th Update:

New registrations for online training are still offline and we apologize for this frustrating inconvenience. We will offer the Tech Tuesday on June 16th for free to members for an extended period of time because new registrations are not being accepted. We have continued to have successful implementation and staff training over the past week and will continue these efforts. We are grateful for your feedback and suggestions to the site to help make the user experience more fluid and intuitive. Thanks so much! ~Caleb

June 8th Update:

We launched the member facing side of the new platform and it is open for business with the exception of online training. We have produced a number of training videos that can be viewed above and on YouTube. We cannot thank you enough for your patience during this time. The NFSA team has been working hard to make this transition as seamless as possible. I sincerely apologize that the training integration is not yet complete. ~Caleb

June 4th Update:

Thank you for your patience while the site is down! Today was a big day for the launch process and we saw our first real transaction process through the new system and financial software, which is a huge step for launch. Staff had a full day of training and processing updates on member information while learning more about the new AMS. What is most exciting at this point is to see NFSA staff members interacting with the new system and functionality that had previously not had access. The plan right now is to launch member facing site for transactions tomorrow in the afternoon/early evening and notify all members of the change on Monday. ~Caleb

June 3rd Update: 

We are continue to move the membership data into the new system and all is looking good so far. We have been training NFSA staff members on the new system and making sure that the live version works as well as the versions we used for testing. However, we have encountered problems today with our current provider and the speed of their servers, which has led to a delay in transferring financial information. There will be a final update to the new system tomorrow and you should look for it to be live sometime this weekend, which is when training videos will also be available on this page. Functionality currently disabled:

  • Payment processing to include dues, registrations, online training, and store products
  • Automatic renewal
  • Joining NFSA
  • Meeting registrations that require payment.

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