AGF Donates RiserPACKs for Sprinkler Advocacy and Education

Publish Date:11/17/20
AGF Manufacturing, Inc. is donating RiserPACKs and other materials for sprinkler advocacy and education. Donations go through the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition’s (HFSC) stipend program, which provides kits to build an NFPA 13D display for fire departments across the country. The displays are used to educate the community on the benefits and simplicity of NFPA 13D residential sprinkler systems and advocate for increased residential sprinkler installation.
The HFSC developed the kits with a grant from State Farm, including a material and tools list, instructions and riser designs. The initial concepts for the displays were from the Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board (NIFSAB), who worked with dozens of fire departments to build the displays as an educational tool in areas that had home fire sprinkler ordinances. HFSC added the display as an option to their stipend program and interest spread nationally and in Canada.
AGF Manufacturing learned about the stipend program and display guides in 2018 and offered to donate their RiserPACK riser manifolds to stipend recipients. During the first year of their involvement, AGF donated over 40 RiserPACKs. AGF then assigned their intern, Ryan Overton, an engineering major, to review HFSC’s display guide and simplify the design and instructions based on fire department feedback.
The 13D Display Kit now includes the streamlined instructions and AGF’s RiserPACK with a pressure gauge, drain valve, and Potter flow switch. Viking, Watts, and Potter also donated Viking sprinklers and CPVC pipe, a Watts backflow preventer, and a Potter alarm. The kits are used to educate builders, local officials, and communities across the nation and advocate for NFPA 13D systems in more residences. To learn more about the program, visit https://homefiresprinkler.org/nfpa13d-display/.
For additional information, please visit www.agfmfg.com.

New Model V-EP Attic Sprinkler Allows for Design with Lower Flow Rates
Publish Date: 11/17/20

The Viking Corporation announces availability of a new specific application sprinkler designed to protect challenging attic spaces. The 5.6 K-factor “Model V-EP” VK690 allows for an enhanced system design which eliminates the need for additional branch lines, reducing installation and materials costs. In addition, the sprinkler can reduce flow and pressure requirements compared to other attic protection schemes.

When used in conjunction with Viking’s existing Model VK697 5.6 K-factor attic upright sprinkler, the new Model V-EP attic sprinkler can protect up to 80 ft roof spans using 3 branch lines, and up to 100 ft spans with a 5 branch line design, with roof pitches ranging from 2½:12 through 6:12. Additionally, the VK697 and VK690 used together allow for flows as low as 20 gallons per minute and a minimum operating pressure of 13 psi. Thorough design criteria may be found on the sprinkler’s technical data sheet.

The cULus Listed sprinkler is available in brass or corrosion resistant ENT plating. With a thread size of 1/2” NPT or 15 mm BSPT, the 5.6 (80) K-factor sprinkler can be ordered with an intermediate temperature rating of 200° F (93° C).

The product joins Viking’s complete line of attic sprinklers, which also includes back-to-back, single directional, and HIP style sprinklers. To learn more about the new Model V-EP VK690 and the full line of attic sprinklers available from Viking, visit www.vikinggroupinc.com or contact your local Viking SupplyNet distribution center.

For more information on Viking’s complete line of fire protection products and services, please visit www.vikinggroupinc.com or call 800-968-9501.

Viking FM Approved ESFR Sprinkler Guards Offer Ease of Installation For In-Rack Storage Applications
Publish Date: 11/17/20

The Viking Corporation announces the availability of FM Approved sprinkler guards designed to keep ESFR sprinklers safe from damage in areas with high human mechanical activity. The new Model EG-100 guards ensure that the sprinklers are protected in various applications, such as rack storage, where damage to low elevation sprinklers is likely to occur.

Specifically designed with retrofit installation in mind, the new ESFR sprinkler guards feature a hardwire cage that completely encases the sprinkler. With a simple hinged clamshell design and a single Torx set screw, the guards allow for quick and efficient installation on Viking’s 1” NPT ESFR sprinklers.

The guards are available in chrome or painted red finishes and feature a 3-5/8” (95 mm) length and diameter. Model EG-100 sprinkler guards are compatible with sprinkler models VK506 (K22), VK510 (K25) and VK514 (K28).

Viking offers the industry’s most complete line of storage sprinklers specifically designed to suppress challenging warehouse fires. In addition to five ESFR sprinklers, Viking’s leading line of storage fire protection products also includes dry-type ESFR pendent sprinklers (K14 and K17) as well as CMDA, CMSA, ELO, and EC storage sprinkler options.

To learn more about the new ESFR sprinkler guards and all storage fire protection products available from Viking, visit www.vikinggroupinc.com or contact your local Viking SupplyNet distribution center.

Johnson Controls Announces Expanded Ul Listing Of LFP® Antifreeze for Large Volume Systems
Publish Date: 11/17/20

Johnson Controls announces an enhanced listing for its LFP® Antifreeze. The industry’s first UL Listed antifreeze is now listed for system volumes of up to 500 gallons.
LFP Antifreeze complements the full line of Tyco® fire suppression products. Those offerings, along with other Johnson Controls products and solutions, help make buildings more safe, secure and sustainable.

As the industry standard for freeze protection in wet pipe sprinkler systems since 2018, LFP Antifreeze continues to meet industry demands for improved fire protection in low-temperature environments.

LFP Antifreeze highlights include:

  • Proven UL Listed product ideal for new construction or retrofit
  • Compliant with NFPA 13 for light hazard occupancies of up to 500 gallons
  • Compliant with NFPA 13R and 13D for residential systems
  • Trusted protection for temperatures as low as -10°F
  • A patented formula with proven corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for use with most common piping system materials, including CPVC

To learn more about the expanded LFP Antifreeze from Johnson Controls, visit http://tycofpp.com/lfp.

Johnson Controls Launches Smoke Detection Technology Designed to Meet 2021 UL Standard
Publish Date: 11/17/20

The latest updates to UL 268, Standard for Safety of Smoke Detectors for Fire Alarm Systems, call for significant improvements to smoke detection technology. Set to take effect in June 2021, the new UL 268 7th edition standard requires smoke sensors, detectors and smoke alarms to pass more than 215 new or revised performance tests, including three new challenging tests: a cooking nuisance alarm test, a flaming polyurethane foam test and a smoldering polyurethane test. To satisfy these requirements, Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart and sustainable buildings, has introduced advanced smoke sensors built upon the established performance of its flagship TrueAlarm technology.

The UL 7th edition polyurethane tests better represent the type of smoke and flames produced in modern building fires due to the increased use of synthetic furnishing materials that can ignite and burn faster than other materials. The cooking test was added after research showed people frequently disable smoke alarms due to nuisance alarms caused by cooking and shower steam.

The new TrueAlarm sensors provide earlier detection, better fire type recognition and fewer nuisance alarms. They use sophisticated algorithms to analyze particles and determine whether they are generated by an actual fire rather than smoke or steam from cooking. Sensor alarm points can be programmed for timed, multi-stage operation per sensor. A lower percentage alert can cause a warning prompt to investigate the issue while a higher programmed percentage will initiate an alarm.

The ability of the redesigned TrueAlarm sensors to intelligently differentiate between high-risk fires and burning food or steam is especially important for commercial spaces such as hotels, dormitories, hospitals and other facilities that are prone to nuisance alarms. The new 7th edition compliant TrueAlarm sensors are available for the Simplex product line.

For more information, please visit https://www.johnsoncontrols.com/fire-detection/sensors-and-initiating-devices.

Johnson Controls Introduces Tyco® Commercial Concealed Sidewall Sprinkler
Publish Date: 11/17/20

Johnson Controls announces the expansion of its line of commercial fire sprinklers. Designed to deliver safe and dependable fire protection, the Tyco RFII Horizontal Sidewall (HSW) Concealed Sprinkler offers an aesthetically pleasing solution for modern commercial building environments.

The RFII-HSW Concealed Sprinkler complements the full line of Tyco fire suppression products. Those offerings, along with other Johnson Controls products and solutions, help make buildings more safe, secure and sustainable.

The new Tyco commercial concealed sprinkler has a sleek design with a high-pressure rating, adding to its robust line of quick response, standard coverage sprinklers. The 5.6 K-factor sprinkler features a unique, decorative flat-plate cover that conceals the sprinkler within a wall and discreetly blends in with modern building environments.
With a maximum system pressure rating of 250 psi (17.2 bar), the sprinkler is intended to protect commercial buildings such as hotels, retail spaces, office buildings, banquet facilities, conference rooms and hospitals. Customers can select cover plate assemblies in a variety of colors to further enhance interior building design. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the cover plate also prevents building occupants from hanging objects like bags and clothing on the sprinkler that may otherwise cause an unintended operation.

The RFII-HSW Concealed Sprinkler is designed for installation along a wall or the side of a beam. It fits in a typical two-by-four stud frame and sheetrock wall structure, giving contractors and facility personnel additional installation flexibility. The sprinkler is UL and C-UL Listed for use with automatic sprinkler systems and features an ordinary sprinkler temperature rating of 160 °F (71 °C), alongside a 139 °F (38 °C) rated cover plate. An intermediate temperature rated sprinkler with a temperature rating of 212 °F (100 °C) is also being offered, alongside a 165 °F (74 °C) cover plate.
For more information about Tyco sprinkler systems for commercial buildings, go to http://www.tyco-fire.com/.

Core & Main Acquires Water Works Supply
Publish Date: 8/18/20

Core & Main LP reported it closed on its previously announced agreement to acquire substantially all of the assets of Water Works Supply Co. The acquisition marks Core & Main’s 11th transaction since becoming an independent company in August 2017. Financial terms were not disclosed.

“We’re excited to welcome the Water Works Supply team into the Core & Main family. Our combined teams will build on their best practices so we can strengthen service to all our customers in New Jersey. We expect to grow this business as we expand our customer base,” said Jack Schaller, president of Core & Main Waterworks.

Water Works Supply Co. is a New Jersey-based waterworks distributor.


Viking’s New Concealed Pendent Sprinklers Can be Installed with Protective Cap in Place
Publish Date: 6/14/20

The Viking Corporation announces the release of the new VK4621 and VK4921 quick response and standard response concealed pendent sprinklers with a K-factor of 5.6 (80.6). The new commercial sprinklers are designed for installation on concealed pipe systems where the appearance of a smooth ceiling is desired. In addition to the new sprinklers, Viking has announced a durable and lightweight installation wrench and protective cap removal tool.

“The installation process is significantly improved with our new VK4621,” said Martin Workman, Vice President of Product Management at Viking. “The new plastic wrench allows for installation with the protective cap in place, minimizing damage to the sprinkler during installation. The protective cap is designed to withstand rough usage and protects the sprinkler from overspray. We also offer a cap removal tool to help you finish the job from the ground.”

The new VK4621 sprinkler serves as a straight replacement for Viking’s VK462 sprinkler. The VK4621 is cULus Listed as a quick response sprinkler and FM Approved as a standard response sprinkler. Also available is the UL Listed and FM Approved VK4921, a standard response 5.6 K-factor concealed pendent sprinkler, which will replace the existing VK492.
Available in brass and Electroless Nickel PTFE (ENT) coating for environments in which corrosion is more likely to occur, the VK4621 and VK4921 are available at 155°F (68°C), 175°F (79°C) and 200°F (93°C) temperature ratings and have a maximum working pressure of 250 psi under the UL Listings.

To learn more about concealed sprinkler options from Viking, visit www.vikinggroupinc.com.

Johnson Controls Introduces Tyco® Residential Concealed Sidewall Sprinkler
Publish Date: 8/14/20

The Tyco Rapid Response Series LFII 4.2K Concealed Sidewall Sprinkler features a decorative flat-plate cover that conceals the sprinkler within the wall, making it ideal for aesthetically sensitive residential spaces such as homes, apartments, dormitories and hotels. The fast-response fusible link sprinkler provides safe and dependable fire protection that customers expect from Tyco products.

“We’re excited to broaden our concealed sprinkler product line with the introduction of our first concealed sidewall sprinkler for residential occupancies,” says Hilary Interrante, global product manager, Johnson Controls. “This product addresses a key customer requirement for a growing segment of the residential market.”

In addition to its sleek design, the LFII 4.2K Concealed Sidewall Sprinkler offers ¼ inch of adjustment and fits in a typical two-by-four stud frame and sheetrock wall structure, allowing for flexible installation.

The sprinkler is cULus Listed for use with wet pipe sprinkler systems per NFPA 13D, NFPA 13R and the residential portions of NFPA 13 occupancies. Additionally, the sprinkler is certified to all requirements of NSF/ANSI 61. It has a working pressure of 175 psi and a sprinkler temperature rating of 160 °F (71 °C), while the cover plate is rated for 139 °F (38 °C).

For more information about Tyco residential sprinkler systems from Johnson Controls, go to http://www.tyco-fire.com/.

Zurn Partners with TRAX Analytics
Publish date: 7/31/20

Zurn Industries, LLC announces its partnership with TRAX Analytics. Zurn will integrate its real-time plumbSMART™ capabilities with TRAX Analytics. The company is looking to deliver the total smart restroom to its demand customers, especially airport custodial and maintenance teams.

TRAX Analytics software manages custodial activity, measures performance, and tracks compliance by allowing tasks to be entered into the system. Maintenance teams get real-time service alerts and inventory tracking. With the addition of plumbSMART, powered by Zurn, customers receive data they can act on, include handwashing scores, leak detection, and preventative maintenance insights.

For more information, visit Zurn.com.

Asurio, Inc. Commissioned to Deploy Its BirdDog Mobile Inspection & Data Collection System for 5 Fire Safety Contractors + Syracuse University
Publish Date: 7/29/20

Asurio, Inc. (www.asurio.com) today announced that five fire safety contractors & a major university have chosen to deploy Asurio’s BirdDog Mobile Inspection & Data Collection System.
“The depth, breadth, and varying sizes of these new customers highlight the flexibility of the BirdDog Mobile Inspection & Data Collection System,” said Asurio President Top Myers. “The BirdDog system’s scalability allows it to easily serve small, medium, and large fire safety contractors and in-house facility management departments. The ultimate goals of deploying the BirdDog inspection system are to streamline NFPA 10, 25, and 72, and other types of inspections; resolve deficiencies faster; reduce risk; and improve safety.”
BirdDog is one of the more powerful & versatile mobile inspection systems on the market today. Asurio has a special expertise in fire-life safety inspections for commercial buildings, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and more. However, the BirdDog system can be configured to inspect and/or collect data for virtually any industry. In addition, Asurio, Inc. is a Microsoft partner, and hosts its cloud-based BirdDog inspection software on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing solution, resulting in world-class 24/7 reliability and security. Asurio, Inc. can be reached at: www.asurio.com, or 877.444.1488.