The National Fire Sprinkler Association is excited to collaborate with Drs. Kevin & Jackie Freiberg for the new NFSA Leadership Institute. This program will last 12 months, and will be limited to 50 class members. Monthly virtual meetings (90 minutes in length) will be facilitated by Kevin and Jackie, with a capstone project being the culmination point at the end of the year. The last meeting will be in person, and individuals will share their capstone project, which will be focused on their leadership journey within the fire sprinkler industry. This is a certification program, and will include recognition upon completion. (this program can be compared to other Executive MBA programs) 50 members will be allowed to be in the inaugural class, selected by the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will be comprised of NFSA Leadership Team members, and members of the NFSA Board of Directors (making sure that each member type is represented). Class members will be required to be members of the NFSA.

Today, more than ever, we must create a courageous culture. Building on 30+ years of leadership training and collaboration, Drs. Kevin and Jackie Freiberg are the perfect leaders for this unique, one-of-a-kind program that is created exclusively for members of the NFSA and the fire sprinkler industry. There is no better business to be in than the business of saving lives. The program will focus on curriculum that has been created for those in the fire sprinkler industry, and will have 3 main core content areas. 4 months will be focused on Self-Leadership, 4 months will be focused on Team Leadership, and the final 4 months will be focused on Organizational Leadership.



You can’t run an effective anything if you don’t start with yourself!

  • What is leadership?
  • How to understand your potential and zero in on developing your potential
  • To be good, you have to understand life dimensions – are you thriving? Flat-lining? Or Declining?
  • This program will be framed to move all class members to the Thriving dimension!
  • Courageous leaders understand that self-awareness is key and that they must have a plan to continue improving
  • Values drive and define you, you should narrow down to 3 and then get crystal clear—are you living with integrity or hypocrisy?
  • Understanding trust – do your people trust you? This is the final piece within Self-Leadership…becoming trustworthy


Team Leadership

  • How do you target the right players?
  • How do you grow your team?
  • Are you Coachable?
  • What does it mean to lead with a servant heart?
  • How do you leverage the differences?
  • Enneagram Assessments – connecting faith to life dimensions
  • Strategic minded teams, their importance to all


Organization Leadership

  • Values, Vision, A Big, Bold North Star—CAUSE!
  • Accountability – this is key
  • It’s not just about individuals. The result gets BIG when you create a team that can innovate for the organization
  • Innovative Genius – what do I do everyday compared to what the product does after I make it or install it?
  • Great leaders are dispensers of HOPE! Great leaders connect their team to the organization and tell their story in a way that improves quality of life for all

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Woven throughout the curriculum will be fire sprinkler industry stories, brought to life by individuals within the NFSA membership who have spent their lives building and developing their own companies and the Association. We will refer to these individuals as “Sages” and time spent with them will be priceless for the younger generation and the future leaders who are part of this class. NFSA leaders will also be spotlighted at appropriate times, with panels exploring topics that challenge all.

The Deadline for applications is August 1, 2022. More information on the class schedule is to follow! Please submit completed application, resume and cover letter to Vickie Pritchett at

The Cost of the Leadership Institute is $4,000 per student, and includes access to all the training with Drs. Kevin and Jackie Freiberg and course material. Travel and lodging for the beginning class event in Clearwater, FL in September and the ending class event in Austin, TX in 2023 is additional.

NFSA Leadership Institute graduates will receive their certification package at the ending retreat, and a Resource Library will be created at NFSA for all capstone projects.