The National Fire Sprinkler Association has Chapters located in regions throughout the United States that are all working toward our mission “to protect lives and property from fire through the widespread acceptance of the fire sprinkler concept.” NFSA’s Chapter network not only provides access to local peers but also to its nationwide peer network. As a member of a Chapter, you will have the opportunity to meet with other members of the fire sprinkler industry to discuss new and innovative ways to improve and protect the industry as well as gaining new ideas to improving your company and protecting your market share.

Furthermore, as a Chapter member, you may have the opportunity to meet local government officials and other industry stakeholders at regularly scheduled meetings with your peers. This provides a great opportunity to provide feedback on local and statewide legislation, new technology and communication as well as to discuss new and exciting ways to promote and maintain the fire sprinkler industry.

Some additional benefits to forming a Chapter may include:

  • Chapter meetings are a great forum to exchange ideas and identify key issues that need attention. Chapters may use a strategic planning process to identify and accomplish goals.
  • Chapters provide an identity and are a greater voice when compared to individual companies and organizations. Chapters are a focal point for legislators, media, and local authorities for promoting the fire sprinkler industry. In many instances, Chapters meet to help identify local issues between AHJ and contractors to facilitate interaction and dialogue toward better codes and ordinances or to seek resolution on current regulations.
  • Chapter members often work on statewide, local and NFSA committees, work groups, study groups and task forces toward the goal of improved code development both locally, statewide and nationally.
  • Chapters may have the ability to access funds to address business environment and industry issues.
  • Chapter Board of Directors may be covered under insurance if they meet certain qualifications.
  • Chapter members have membership benefits through NFSA that are offered only to Chapters as specified by the Chapter memorandum of understanding, which may include access to training, engineering and legal resources applicable to Chapter formation issues.
  • A Chapter and its membership may have access to industry updates and publications, tech alerts, regional reports and direct access and assistance from NFSA staff members.NFSA Chapters agree to a strict code of ethics, which comes with positive industry recognition and instant creditability.