Have an idea for how to advance outreach & promotion of NFSA’s mission within your region and through your Chapter?  What about assistance with legislative issues related to the fire sprinkler industry? Please tell us what you’d like to do!

NFSA is currently sponsoring up to $10,000 for NFSA Chapter Grants in supporting outreach, promotion, and/or legislative initiatives.  Successful applications must include detailed information in the project narrative, a timeline for implementation, and a project cost.  Specific details on expectations of how many people will be reached or impact effects from the implementation should also be included. All funding requests shall meet the mission of the NFSA.

Who is Eligible?      All NFSA Chapters nationwide.

Grant Scope and Information: 

  1. Media, outreach, information, & promotions focusing on widespread acceptance of the fire sprinkler concept.
    Legislative proposals, issues, or defense of the widespread acceptance of the fire sprinkler concept.
  2. The project should include some grassroots citizen action in support of the widespread acceptance of the fire sprinkler concept.
  3. Chapters would apply based on criteria established as the overall focus of industry promotion for the current political and economic environment.
  4. Grant priority will also be given to grant applications that connect to the national marketing campaign (i.e. media buys for placement of the upcoming NFSA commercial)
  5. Awardees will be determined by priority of financial cost-benefit in obtaining stated goals.
  6. The first round of grant funding will begin in October and will continue as long as funding is available, but there is the possibility that funds will be depleted in the first round.
  7. Grant applications will be accepted now and will remain open until the end of the year.
  8. All grants are subject to follow up documentation on success measures and effectiveness.

We hope you’ll consider applying for funding of projects that you’re not able to fund with existing budgets.

Questions?  Feel free to reach out to Vickie Pritchett, Director of Outreach & Government Relations at pritchett@nfsa.org.