West Region: Area 11 (CA and HI)

The National Fire Sprinkler Association has two Chapters located in Northern and Southern California. The San Francisco Bay Area NFSA Chapter and the Los Angeles Area NFSA Chapter both work toward our mission “to protect lives and property from fire through the widespread acceptance of the fire sprinkler concept.” Our California Chapters not only provide access to local peers, but also to our nationwide peer network. As a member of a California NFSA Chapter, you have an opportunity to meet with other members of the California fire sprinkler industry to discuss new and innovative ways to improve and protect the industry as well as gaining new ideas to improving your company and protecting your market share.

Furthermore, as a California NFSA Chapter member, you may have the opportunity to meet local government officials and other industry stakeholders at our regularly scheduled meetings with your peers. This provides a great opportunity to provide feedback on local and statewide legislation, new technology and communication as well as to discuss new and exciting ways to promote and maintain the fire sprinkler industry. For information, contact Gary West, Director of Field Ops and Govt Relations. To contact Gary, email him at west@nfsa.org.

Area Director for the West Region

Peter Hulin,
President, Superior Automatic Sprinkler Company
308 Sango Court,
Milpitas, CA. 93035
Phone number:(408) 690-5526


President, San Francisco NFSA Bay Area Chapter

Dave Scherson,
Superior Automatic Fire Sprinkler Co.
308 Sango Court,
Milpitas, CA. 93035
Phone number: (408) 946-7242



President, Los Angeles Area NFSA Chapter

Randy Howell,
Kimble and Company
15182 Bolsa Chica St., Suite A
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Phone number: (714) 894-7310

Area 11 SAM Members

Regional News

To Cite or Not to Cite – Evaluating Installation in NFPA 25

Conducting an evaluation of a sprinkler system design or installation is outside the scope of NFPA 25, The Standard for Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems. In this blog we will explore what NFPA 25 says about testing of components and devices through the owner’s evaluation section (4.6.1).When a main drain test cannot be conducted because the drain will not handle the full flow, does this qualify as an installation issue or can it be cited on an inspection and testing report? It is commonly not cited because it was approved or accepted by an Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Does this mean it shouldn’t be cited? This question is also the same for testing flow switches when there is not a proper inspector’s test connection.  

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Limited Sprinkler Systems

Does NFPA 25, the Standard for Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems encompass limited sprinkler systems?  This is a common question throughout the ITM community.  First, let us define the components that make up a sprinkler system.  In simple terms, it is a piping network with sprinklers that must have a water supply, water control valve, water flow alarm device and a drain. 

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