Member Monday: Shambaugh & Son

Illinois State Coordinator James Brown sat down with Alan Jacobs of Shambaugh & Son to discuss the company’s services as an Illinois fire sprinkler contractor. Jacobs is the Vice President of National Fire Protection, overseeing operations in Chicago, Illinois; South Bend, Indiana; and Kalamazoo, Michigan, as well as fabrication.

Shambaugh is one of the largest mechanical, electrical, and fire protection specialty contractors in the United States. The National Fire Protection group is a full-service fire sprinkler contractor, providing new installations, retrofit/remodels, and full-book ITM. In the Chicago market alone, the company completes between 40 to 70 new construction jobs in any given year.

Challenging Projects: Silver Cross Hospital and IKEA Distribution Center

silver cross hospital constructed by an Illinois fire sprinkler contractorTwo particularly challenging and unique jobs that stood out in Jacobs’ mind were Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox, Illinois, and an IKEA distribution center in Joliet, Illinois. At Silver Cross Hospital, Jacobs worked on-site as the design lead for most of a year, and it was also his first exposure to the BIM (Building Information Modeling) field as a designer.

“It was very enriching to work so closely with our installation crew as well as be part of a large fast-paced MEP coordination project,” he said. The IKEA distribution center job was noteworthy due to the size of the automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) within the building. The facility is frequently toured by developers, end users, and general contractors who are looking to construct their own ASRS.

On-Time and On-Budget Success as an Illinois Fire Sprinkler Contractor

Shambaugh has the ability to undertake projects of any type, anywhere in the country, and has built a reputation for consistently being on time and within budget. Building long-lasting customer relationships that result in repeat business is the cornerstone of Shambaugh’s success as a national and Illinois fire sprinkler contractor, with a retention rate of nearly 100 percent.

Enhancing the Industry: NFSA Membership and Active Involvement

Jacobs also commented on how Shambaugh’s NFSA membership has enhanced the company, allowing for a more active role in the industry. Whether it’s working with other Illinois fire sprinkler contractors on various committees to improve the industry, or working on national topics, Jacobs enjoys it all. It can even be as simple as staying up-to-date with news concerning changes to the industry.

Jacobs’ involvement with NFSA goes beyond simple membership; he is active in the Illinois Chapter, first volunteering to serve as the Chapter treasurer in 2017, moving up the ranks to vice chair, and now becoming chairman as of January 2023. He also serves on the Labor Management Cooperation Committee (LMCC).

A Group for Illinois Fire Sprinkler Contractors

As chairman of the Illinois Chapter, Jacobs believes that bringing new faces (and, thereby, ideas) into the chapter will lead to the future success of the industry. “The most important challenge we face currently is getting new people actively involved with NFSA,” he stated. “As the people who have been doing much of the work steadily retire from the industry.”

About the NFSA

Joining the National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA) offers immense value to individuals and organizations involved in the fire protection industry. NFSA serves as a leading advocate for fire sprinkler systems and plays a crucial role in promoting fire safety and prevention. By becoming a member, individuals gain access to a wide range of resources, networking opportunities, and industry expertise that can greatly enhance their professional growth and impact.

The association provides comprehensive educational programs, certifications, and workshops designed to enhance knowledge and skills in fire sprinkler installation, inspection, maintenance, and design. These educational resources not only contribute to professional development but also foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the industry. For more information, reach out to the NFSA membership team today!