Fuel Technologies International’s Role in Fuel Maintenance | Member Monday

The National Fire Sprinkler Association sat down with Fuel Technologies International to discuss the company’s role in fuel maintenance and keeping generators and fire sprinkler systems running in the event of a power outage.

Fire sprinkler systems offer the best protection from fire. No other system is as effective as fire sprinklers when it comes to stopping or extinguishing a fire.

While the above fact cannot be debated there are several “worst-case scenarios” that come into play that many fire protection professionals and companies have made their mission to eliminate. One such scenario for electric fire pumps is power outage, especially topical now since the news is filled with stories of blackouts that can last for weeks due to a wildfire or other inclement event. This lack of power can render electric fire pumps inoperable. Luckily, many facilities use emergency or standby power generators in the event of an outage.

That solves one “worst-case scenario,” but it leads to yet another: What if something happens to the generator?

the importance of a fuel maintenance system

Fuel Degradation in Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks & The Importance of Fuel Maintenance

A diesel driven generator is only as good as the fuel that powers it. With fuel sitting in the diesel fuel storage tank for long periods, it is susceptible to degradation. This can occur when water, sediment, or other foreign materials find their way into the fuel tank. Fuel degradation can severely impact how a diesel driven generator functions and even has the potential to stop it entirely.

NFPA 20, the Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection, covers generator maintenance. The standard lays out several measures for pump maintenance, and has the following to say about fuel maintenance:* An active fuel maintenance system listed* for fire pump service shall be permitted to be installed for the maintenance of the fuel in the supply tank.”

This establishes fuel maintenance as concern for contractors and property managers, but what solutions exist?

Enter: Fuel Technologies International

FTI Fuel Maintenance ProductsFuel Technologies International, the National Fire Sprinkler Association’s newest supplier and manufacturer (SAM) member, offers a solution to keep generators running in the event of a power outage.

Greg Hagopian, owner, and Ryan DeArmond, CIO, sat down with the NFSA Membership team to discuss the company’s products that keep generator and diesel fire pump prime drivers running, and—consequently—fire protection systems.

Per Greg, Fuel Technologies International’s filtration systems are the only such systems that are labeled “FM APPROVED”, listed in the FMG Approval Guide and compliant with NFPA definitions for labeled and listed equipment. * Fuel Technologies International offers an automated solution that ensures stored diesel fuel is near 100% clear of free water and cleans particulate to 2 microns.

This simple but effective process is a solution to keeping a generator and/or a diesel fire pump functioning when required.

Greg recommends that the system be run long enough to circulate 25% of the fuel tank’s volume each week.

In keeping with their mission to ensure fire protection systems are up and running, the company also offers a line of diesel fuel stability of additives and EPA Registered biocides as well as replacement filters for their products that can be purchased on their site.

A Note on Diesel vs. Electricity

One point Greg has been making for over 20 years concerns diesel vs. electric power for fire pumps. Even electric fire pumps, Greg explains, are dependent on diesel to operate in certain emergencies. Should the power go out, the electric fire pump would be depending on the diesel-driven emergency generator for electricity to operate. In other words, in the worst-case scenario: diesel trumps electricity.

Greg also shared that diesel-driven pumps have an independent fuel source mounted on a pedestal as part of the fire pump’s skid. Since the tank is mounted on a skid, retrofitting the existing tank with FTI’s system is simple. A drain on the bottom of the tank can easily convert to a supply for the automated fuel maintenance system.

Fuel Technologies International and the NFSA

Fuel Technologies International is a new SAM member to the NFSA. Greg and his team are looking forward to the several networking events and lead generating opportunities that come with membership, especially networking with contractor members,

For more information on Fuel Technologies International and the company’s fuel maintenance products, visit their website at http://www.fueltech.us/.


* NFPA Definitions:

Labeled. Equipment or materials to which has been attached a label, symbol, or other identifying mark of an organization that is expectable to the authority having jurisdiction and concerned with product evaluation that maintains periodic inspection of production of labeled equipment or materials and by whose labeling the manufacturer indicates compliance with appropriate standards or performance in a specified manner.

Listed.* Equipment or materials included in a list published by an organization that is expectable to the authority having jurisdiction and concerned with product evaluation that maintains periodic inspection of production of listed equipment or materials and whose listing states either that the equipment or material meets appropriate standards or has been tested and found suitable for use in a specified manner.