Spotlight on Fire Sprinklers March 31, 2023

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Fire Sprinkler System Contains Hotel Fire
Hotel Disaster Averted by Fire Sprinkler System
Fire Sprinkler System Extinguishes Fire in High-Rise Apartment Building
From the Headlines We Love File: Howland, OH-Sprinkler System, Firefighters Contain Warehouse Fire

Fire Sprinkler System Contains Hotel Fire 

Thanks to Grand Chute, WI Fire Marshal Kelly Hanink and West Bend, WI Captain of Fire Prevention Kenny Asselin for sending in this sprinkler save that was also posted on the Grand Chute Fire Dept.’s Facebook page 

On Saturday, March 25th the Grand Chute Fire Department (GCFD) was dispatched to a Hampton Inn for the report of a structure fire. 911 Dispatchers provided information stating that an employee discovered a fire located in the hotel’s main laundry room.  

First arriving GCFD personnel found a fire in the first-floor laundry room, which was being controlled by the building’s automatic sprinkler system. Fire crews worked to locate and extinguish the remaining pockets of fire.  

No civilian or responder injuries were reported, and fire investigators are continuing the investigation into the cause of the fire.  

Hotel Disaster Averted by Fire Sprinkler System

 Thanks to Kraig Bryan, Captain at Fairbanks Fire Department in Alaska for sharing this sprinkler save with us. The photo really illustrates how fire sprinklers limit damage to the area of origin! 

 Guests on the fifth floor at the Fairbanks Westmark Hotel were recharging their heated gloves when a “catastrophic failure” of the glove’s lithium-ion battery started a fire at approximately 2:00am. The resulting fire activated the hotel’s alarm system, and guests began to evacuate. When firefighters arrived on the fifth floor, they found that the fire had been suppressed by the building’s sprinkler system. After confirming the fire was extinguished, fire crews worked to ventilate the building. 

 During the investigation, the fire department found that the lithium-ion battery was left plugged in while the occupants were gone from the room. The failure of the battery resulted in a nearby mattress catching fire and spreading the flames up the wall.  The occupants were gone at the time of the reported fire alarm. Guests, staff and firefighters safe! 

Fire Sprinkler System Extinguishes Fire in High-Rise Apartment Building  

Thanks to Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board’s Erik Hoffer for providing more information on a high-rise apartment sprinkler save that was barely reported by media! 

On March 20th, the fire sprinkler system extinguished a bedroom fire on the 10th floor of the Faust Landmark residential high-rise in Rockford, IL. This comes a few weeks after the sprinkler system extinguished a rubbish fire on the fourth floor, and four months after another sprinkler save on the eighth floor. The building is registered as an historic landmark and was built in 1929 as a hotel.

From the Headlines We Love File: Howland, OH-Sprinkler System, Firefighters Contain Warehouse Fire  

On March 19th, A fire broke out at a warehouse in Howland, OH. A passerby saw white smoke coming from different parts of the building about 5:21pm. 

 The person who unlocked the gate to let firefighters into the plant advised that he could see flames from cameras placed in the middle of the warehouse. Heavy smoke filled the entire building. 

 When firefighters got to the site of the flames, they reported the building’s sprinkler system had it under control. Eight to 10 pallets of batteries were on fire. The affected pallets were removed and taken to the parking lot.

The Week in Review 

3/27 Green Twp, OH-Sprinkler System Extinguishes School Fire 

3/25 Denver, CO-Sprinkler System Suppresses Vehicle Fire in Tunnel 

3/22 Towson, MD-Sprinkler System Contains Fire in Parking Garage 

3/22 Madison, WI-Sprinkler System Extinguishes Apt Cooking Fire 

3/20 Houston, TX-Sprinkler System Contains Apt Fire 

3/20 Lexington, KY-Sprinkler System Contains Fire in Homeless Shelter 

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