Jeff McNamara of Shambaugh & Son | Member Monday

NFSA’s Ron Ritchey sat down with Shambaugh and Son’s Jeff McNamara, Vice President of Fire Protection for Detroit, MI and Toledo, OH. The two discussed Jeff’s time in the industry as well the value of NFSA membership and the benefits that come with it.

How did you get your start in the industry?

Jeff McNamara

After graduation I was looking for a designer position in the construction field after interviewing with many different companies & being offered different positions in all different facets of construction, I decided I want to pursue fire protection. I almost made a huge mistake as I turned down an offer from Shambaugh at the corporate office but got luck two months later when I was offered a position in the Detroit Office for Shambaugh & the rest is what you call history.

Any special mentors who helped you be successful?

Dave Walsh, he was the manager & Vice President who gave me that opportunity & took me under his wing showing me the in’s & out of the industry from design through management along with introducing me to the NFSA & getting me involved with the organization where I have been involved with numerous committees.

What are your current responsibilities with Shambaugh?

I’m the Vice President of Fire Protection for the Detroit & Toledo region.

Can you provide information on your different leadership roles with the Detroit Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board and NFSA Michigan Chapter?

  • I started as a committee member on the SUB fund & held the position for 11 yrs., just recently stepping down to promote growth to others in the industry.
  • I have been on the JATC committee as Secretary since 2016.
  • I have been on the Labor-Management Cooperation Committee (LMCC) committee as Secretary since 2016.
  • I have been on the IP Fund since 2016.
  • I also have been a committee member on the last two Contract Negotiations.
  • Lastly, served as President of the Detroit Advisory board since 2017

What do you like most about serving in our industry?

I want to promote the industry & create change through knowledge & awareness. I have always said “I want to leave this industry in a better place than when I started” & you can’t do that without being involved.

Any “value of NFSA membership and/or chapter involvement” that you would share with others?

  • Membership
    • Expert of the Day & access to other professionals who sit on other committees & can provide insight to issues you might be having.
    • Tech Tuesdays where you can receive additional training & knowledge of changes in code.
    • Access to be a committee member where you can be a part of a group who is working to improve the industry.
  • Chapter involvement
    • Networking with others in the industry
    • Access to local training
    • Working with local AHJ’s through training & code awareness.

Can you share a little bit about how you got interested in restoring and showing your wrecker truck?

Tow Truck
The Tow truck is my grandfather’s truck. After the war my grandfather started with a filling station & grew it to 3 stations in total when he saw an opportunity in the Tow Industry & purchased his first tow truck (not this one) and began to tow vehicle out of the gas station & the business grew to where he sold the gas station & started Towing full time. My Father continued the business & as I was growing up I also spent much of my youth in and around the industry & I attribute my work ethic & morale position in life to my Father, Grandfather & this business so when I decided I would like an antique vehicle there was no other vehicle I considered as this is a tribute to my family & all the people who worked for my Father & Grandfather.