NFSA Tours Tarsco Bolted Tank’s Goodman, MO, Facility | Member Monday

KJ Spurlock of the National Fire Sprinkler Association was honored to take a tour of Tarsco Bolted Tank, a TF Warren Company, in the rolling hills of Goodman, Mo. During his visit he met the Vice President Todd Smith and Regional Sales Manager Chris Cote. Tarsco Bolted Tank joined the NFSA Team in March of 2022 and they are looking forward to a long-time partnership with the association.

Tarsco Bolted Tank provides superior quality and cost effective integrated bolted tank solutions and is committed to being the safest, most cost effective and customer focused supplier in the industry. They are driven to be the number one choice in the bolted tank storage industry.

As the 110,000 square foot facility was toured, the equipment utilized to produce bolted tanks was pointed out, including a Bystronic Bytrans Extended 3015 laser, CNC punch and plasma machines and a CNC plasma table, as well an angle roller and sheet roller. The facility also includes three 1 ton jib hoists for moving materials.

Pride in Workmanship and Quality Control

As KJ walked the facility guided by Seng Thong, the Plant Manager, he was very impressed with how clean and organized the plant was. Seng spoke with team members about how they pride themselves on delivering a quality product, regularly conducting tests to measure integrity of each and every system. Each part is numbered to track and record the quality control along the journey in the production process. As a further quality control measure, bolt holes are tested after the steel is rolled to ensure the parts will fit together accurately on the construction site.

New Multi-Step Coating Process

The new and improved coatings process demonstrates Tarsco Bolted Tank’s commitment to continued improvement of equipment, quality controls, testing, state-of-the-art processes, and end product. The new multi-step coating process ensures Tarsco Bolted Tank produces the highest quality and most durable bolted tank solutions worldwide.

The panels are finished in their factory with a thermal fusion bonded powder coating. They provide epoxy powder coating techniques resulting in superior coverage to ensure long term service in the field. Powder coating is electrostatically applied and thermally cured, all within a factory-controlled climate which equates to extremely low emissions for environmentally sound production.

A Holiday You Don’t Want to Have

KJ stated that he expanded his vocabulary and learned about “holiday” and how it is more than a vacation. Here is what he learned:

A holiday, in relation to an anticorrosive surface coating, is defined as:

  • A discontinuity in coating, when a part of the surface remains uncoated
  • A defect such as an area of insufficient coating film thickness
  • A pinhole within the coating
  • A crack within the coating
  • An improper adhesion or bonding of the coating

At Tarsco bolted Tank each panel is 100% holiday free when it leaves the factory.

  • Shipment pallets are built job specific and built larger than panels to eliminate coating or transportation damage.
  • Panels are stacked to pallets in sequence of erection; this eliminates handling panels excessively.
  • Protective sheets of heavy paper are placed between each panel when stacked on shipping pallets. Bolted flat panel advantages ensure no abrasions during transportation.


KJ said it was fun to watch the excitement on Seng’s face as he spoke about how about Tarsco Bolted Tank had recently purchased a new laser for its Goodman, MO, bolted tank operations facility. He spoke about how the laser is the first part of a multi equipment upgrade and details will be released as assets are purchased. The new laser cutting system offers superior component fit-up during installation, reducing field assembly time and improved cut quality, with enhanced accuracy.

The state-of-the-art, high-speed laser is capable of cutting all possible gauges and thickness, utilized in bolted tanks, from sidewalls, decks, and floor sheets to custom components designed to fit each customer’s specific tank project requirements. The new laser will allow Tarsco Bolted Tank to produce parts in less time and with a significant increase in quality.

For more information on Tarsco Bolted Tank and the company’s mission visit

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