Fire Sprinkler Demo in Times Square

NFSA was honored to partner with Common Voices, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), and the New York Mechanical Contractors Association to bring another live side-by-side burn demonstration to Times Square! Having the opportunity to reach 2.6 million viewers inspires us to keep sharing information about today’s fires (they are burning hotter and faster than ever) and the solution (top solution is fire sprinklers.) 

Flashover occurred in the non-sprinklered room in a little over two minutes, and the fire sprinkler activated in less than a minute to save the day in the sprinklered room. Seeing really is believing, and this demonstration provided us with the chance to share the latest statistics and information with a national audience.  

It’s always fun to watch the show anchors react to the fire and its intensity. The quote of the day from a Fox News Anchor was “deck the halls with fire sprinklers!” We thought that was a wonderful idea and appreciate Fox and Friends for having us back in New York City’s Times Square for the fourth time!