NFSA Featured in Holiday Fire Safety Video on the Lifestyle List

The National Fire Sprinkler Association was recently featured on The Lifestyle List, an editorial morning television show that covers a wide array of topics. On this feature, Leslie Nifoussi shared holiday fire safety tips on behalf of the NFSA. Tips included smothering a cooking fire with baking soda or flour, having the correct fire extinguisher handy, and–perhaps most important of all–installing home fire sprinklers.

Watch the Holiday Fire Safety Feature on our YouTube Channel!

This is the second time the NFSA has been featured on The Lifestyle List. These features air across the country, reaching millions of homes and spreading the message of #fastestwater. This holiday fire safety feature alone had over 5 million impressions!

For over a century, the National Fire Sprinkler Association has remained committed to its mission: to protect lives and property from fire through the widespread acceptance of the fire sprinkler concept. The NFSA accomplishes this through side-by-side burns, media features, and training.

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