Member Monday: Rotaflow is Your Resource for Industrial Fire Protection Solutions!


NFSA’s Michael Wilson had the privilege to meet virtually with Amir Shami, president and CEO, and Nicholas Balkan, marketing coordinator, of Rotaflow Fire and Utility.

Rotaflow is based out of Edmonton, Canada, and provides its industrial fire protection services all over the continent!

The company had its start in 1994 as an engineering firm that focused primarily on energy and gas projects. The leadership at the Rotaflow took notice of the needs for fire protection on numerous projects at Canada’s oil fields and began to draft solutions.

Becoming a Fire Protection Resource

“The number one problem is process safety;” Amir explained, “no matter how sophisticated your workplace safety is, fire is still a risk.”

With fire safety in mind, Rotaflow started with fire detection in the early 2010s and would eventually move on to include fire suppression system design, installation, and maintenance in 2014.

Rotaflow offers its fire protection services to Canada’s large oil firms, but is also looking to expand into other industries, including pulp and paper. These industries have a high hazard classification, and as such, require a team that knows how to properly design and install with the standard in mind. Rotaflow’s difference is its slant on engineering and innovation that offers an effective solution for protecting high hazards.

Growing into a One-Stop Shop for Industrial Fire Protection

Amir shared his company’s vision to become a one-stop shop for a customer’s fire protection needs. As mentioned before the company designs, installs, and maintains fire protection systems, but it also fabricates as well. Additionally, Amir explained that Rotaflow is equipped to do work underground as well.

Those in fire protection know that there are several variables involved in keeping a building protected. Therefore, a higher degree of connectivity within these variables ensures a greater overall protection. With this in mind, Amir and his team sought to consolidate their fire protection efforts by pursuing an Integrated Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems Certificate (ULC-S1001) from ULC. This certificate allows Rotaflow to integrate its detection and suppression systems, allowing for a superior level of protection. “A lack of connectivity leads to loss of life and property.” Amir explained, “this certification allows us to check on the health of an entire system.”

Rotaflow is the first company in Western Canada to receive this certification, and only the third nationally.

Rotaflow and the NFSA: Partners in Progress

With the company planning to expand its services into the United States with skid manufacturing, Amir knew the association to turn to was the National Fire Sprinkler Association. NFSA hopes to help Rotaflow be an industrial service provider and create connections in the U.S. Rotaflow is hoping to come to NFSA’s upcoming seminar in Austin!

For more information on the services Rotaflow offers, visit their website.

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