Member Monday: Tennessee Fire Sprinkler Contractors Take Part in Fall Fling!

Last week the Tennessee Fire Sprinkler Contractors Association and the National Fire Sprinkler Association met up in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, to attend the annual Fall Fling! Over 60 professionals from around the state attended this two-day event that focused on professional development.

Team NFSA at Tennessee fire sprinkler contractor event

NFSA’s Vince Powers offered a presentation on NFPA 13 2019 updates and NFPA 25 2020 updates as well as an educational session on the inspection, testing and maintenance of fire pumps.

Additionally, Terin Hopkins with Team NFSA offered a presentation on NFPA 14 2023 updates. Terin and Vince also held a demonstration with NFSA’s valve trailer. This demonstration showcased the ways different fire sprinkler systems operate and trained attendees on how to interact with these systems.

Tennessee fire sprinkler contractor at valve trailer

To learn more about the NFSA’s valve trailer, visit our valve trailer page.

The Voice of the Fire Sprinkler Industry in Tennessee 

Later on, the Tennessee Fire Sprinkler Contractors Association held a meeting. During this meeting they discussed a number of issues affecting the fire sprinkler industry in Tennessee. At the end of the meeting the membership voted to elect new officers and a new Board of Directors.

These officers were sworn in during the Fall Fling and will serve the Association for two years. The membership is looking forward to their leadership and guidance when it comes to advancing the fire sprinkler industry in Tennessee.

Below are the officers and the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Fire Sprinkler Contractors Association.

TFSCA Officers:

President: Bill Jones, Tenn-Ky Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc.

Vice-President: Ilke Hanloser, I & S Engineering

Secretary: Robby Cornwell, S.C.C. Sprinklers, Inc.

Treasure: Paul Satterwhite, John Bouchard Company

TFSCA Board of Directors:

Eric Briley, Cumberland Fire Protection, LLC

Steve Anderson, Grand Fire Protection

Dave Reininger, Music City Fire Sprinklers, LLC

Darin Griffis, Security Fire Protection

Carl Cutrell Ill, Nashville Sprinkler Company

Past President: Ken Brinkley, Music City Fire Sprinklers, L.L.C.

Associate: Justin Hassell, Ferguson Fire & Fab

NFSA and TFSCA: Representing Quality Fire Sprinkler Contractors in Tennessee

The National Fire Sprinkler Association is proud to work with the Tennessee Fire Sprinkler Contractors Association and all NFSA members to promote fire sprinklers in Tennessee and the rest of the United States.

The TFSCA is comprised of fire sprinkler contractors in Tennessee who work on a variety of fire sprinkler systems, from homes to high rises. To learn more about the association’s mission, visit their website.

To learn more about the National Fire Sprinkler Association, or to become a member, visit our membership page.