Team NFSA is Proud to Partner with U.S. Fire Administration to Promote Home Fire Sprinklers!

We are excited and honored to share the news that NFSA is partnering with the U.S. Fire Administration to promote fire and life safety! Especially of interest is that September’s focus is on home fire sprinklers! 

We are encouraging all to take part and speak as “one voice” in this great opportunity for #fastestwater outreach!  

Go to the USFA’s site to take advantage of some wonderful resources and let’s blast the life- and property-saving benefits of fire sprinklers across all social media channels. Keep an eye on NFSA’s social media sites for an easy way to share by reposting our daily outreach. Together, we can truly make a difference. 

From the U.S. Fire Administration Website: 

The Fire and Life Safety Communicators Initiative is a collaboration among the fire and the emergency medical services to speak with “one voice” on fire and life safety. We believe that by working together to present consistent messages, we can begin to teach the public the importance of safety and encourage them to take actions to make themselves, their loved ones and their communities safer from fire and other hazards. Through these actions, lives will be saved. 

Together we can inspire and empower our communities to Step Up for Fire Safety. 

For more educational resources on home fire sprinklers, visit our resources page.