Member Monday: Accu-Fire Fabrication Supplies Everything You Need for Your Project

The National Fire Sprinkler Association’s Michael Wilson met with Michael Murphy, regional sales manager for Accu-Fire Fabrication, at the company’s headquarters in Morrisville, Pennsylvania. The two discussed the company’s history and recent updates as well as its services as a fire protection fabrication shop.

From Humble Beginnings to a Regional Name

Vince Murphy founded Accu-Fire in 1991 with his wife, Deardra, in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. The company’s mission has remained unchanged since its inception: “to supply our customers with the highest quality fabrication and supporting products in a timely manner.”

In 2000 the company moved to its current location in Morrisville and has been there ever since. “Our location is practical;” Mike explained, “we’re located near a number of highways which allows us to serve customers in a variety of markets.”

Touring the Fire Protection Fabrication Shop

Accu-Fire Fabrication has a facility that matches its services and growth trajectory. The company started with its custom 40,000 square foot building and over time has expanded its facility, including an expansion in 2007, which doubled the facility to 85,000 square feet. With its customer base constantly growing, so did Accu-Fire Fabrication’s need to store its inventory to meet demand, which is why in 2018 the company built an additional 65,000 square foot building.

From Fabrication to Delivery, Accu-Fire has you Covered

The service Accu-Fire Fabrication provides covers is impressive. The company fabricates all the pipe and materials needed for a fire protection project, including cutting, welding, threading and grooving pipe.

It does not end there, however. In addition to fabrication services Accu-Fire also provides a number of supplies for sprinkler systems as well and has a number of product partners whose supplies they stock.

Accu-Fire customer service does not end at their facility; the company also delivers materials to the job site. Accu-Fire Fabrication’s fleet of trucks is equipped with either a 65-foot knuckle boom crane or a rear-mounted forklift, allowing for ease of delivery.

Accu-Fire Fabrication and the National Fire Sprinkler Association

PA fire sprinkler fabrication

Michael Murphy poses with his NFSA member certificate

Accu-Fire Fabrication is a Supplier and Manufacturer member of the NFSA and is very involved with the association.

“Since day one we’ve been NFSA members,” Mike explained. “We are really involved in the New Jersey and Philly chapters and get a lot of value from NFSA’s events.”

The NFSA is proud to have quality SAM members like Accu-Fire Fabrication as a Supplier and Manufacturer member who meet the needs of the industry. For more information on Accu-Fire and Fabrication and their mission to fabricate and deliver high quality fire protection materials, visit their website here.