Member Monday: NFSA Welcomes Pipe Manufacturer Fayette Pipe Company and Tours Facility

NFSA Director of Membership Caleb Armbrust and Member Success Specialist Michael Wilson were honored to tour Fayette Pipe Company’s facilities compliments of Vice President Chris Gearing.

Fayette Pipe is a Pennsylvania pipe manufacturer located in Lemont Furnace, Fayette County. Chris was proud to share that the company is veteran owned, family operated, and American made. Fayette Pipe employs over 100 staff members in the office and shop and is a major employer in the town. Fayette Pipe’s site explains its location in greater detail:

“Fayette Pipe Company is fortunate to be located in Fayette County Pennsylvania. This beautiful area is home to some of the greatest people we know. We are blessed to have some of those people as part of our family here at Fayette Pipe. Without these great team members Fayette Pipe would not be the company it is today.”

Building upon years of pipe manufacturing experience for the plumbing industry, Chris and his team at Fayette opened a fire protection division to serve contractors and fire protection fabricators throughout the country. The company’s main service is pipe manufacturing, though it does offer a full line of pipe nipples.

American Made Pipe in Western Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania pipe manufacturer

Pipe starts as this…

As the membership team toured the facility, Chris shared the entire pipe manufacturing process. First, rolls of steel are fed into one end of Fayette’s High Frequency ERW pipe mill. Gradually, the flat steel is rolled into a circular pipe, welded together, cooled, tested for pinhole leaks, painted, and cut to size.

Chris and his team value the product they make, which is why they take the time to test every stretch of pipe for pinhole leaks or other issues. Everything that is not up to the Fayette standard is sorted out at the end of the production line. Chris shared that his team has their process so dialed in that pipes with pinhole leaks and other issues are uncommon.

Fayette Pipe manufactures ½” – 2” Schedule 40 A53 Type E Grade A Black pipe using this process. Very little is wasted in the process and the company uses non-prime material to create drop nipples for sprinkler heads. Everything Fayette produces is UL listed and FM approved.

Pennsylvania pipe manufacturer

And ends like this!

In addition to servicing the fire protection industry, Fayette provides pipe for:

  • Gas Lines,
  • Steam Lines, and
  • Residential and commercial projects.

Once the pipe is completed, it is loaded on to a truck and delivered to the customer. Fayette works with customers throughout the country, but Chris’ focus on growth is what lead him to the NFSA.

Fayette Pipe Company and the NFSA

Michael Wilson and Chris Gearing

Since Fayette’s fire protection division is newer, Chris looked for opportunities to grow the company. A quick Google search coupled with talking to other professionals in the industry led him to reaching out to the National Fire Sprinkler Association for membership. Chris is hopeful that an NFSA membership will give him the leads and connections he needs to take his business to the next level. Additionally, Chris plans to attend NFSA’s upcoming Business and Leadership Conference this September and hopes to exhibit at NFSA’s next expo. For more information on this Pennsylvania pipe manufacturer, visit their website at