Member Monday: Independence Fire Sprinkler Co. Designs, Installs, and Maintains Fire Sprinklers in Philadelphia & Beyond

fire sprinklers in PhiladelphiaThe NFSA membership team was able to meet with Scott Chambers, Director of Sprinkler Design Services, and President Kevin West of Independence Fire Sprinkler Company in Lester, Pennsylvania, recently to discuss the company’s history, services, and role within the Philadelphia fire sprinkler market.

Independence Fire Sprinkler Company is a recent NFSA member; however, the company has been a name in the area since its founding 13 years ago. Independence focuses on designing, installing, and maintaining fire sprinklers in Philadelphia and the surrounding area, but the company also boasts a growing alarm division. Scott shared that the company has seen so much growth recently that it has expanded into a nearby building.

Fire Sprinklers in Philadelphia

2222 Market Street

Despite its small staff size, Independence Fire Sprinkler Company has hired the right people, which is evidenced in the company’s growth as well as the scale of projects it has handled, including a high rise for the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania (CHOP), high rises for Wexford Property Management, and the 2222 Market Street high rise—to name just a few.

It’s not all about getting the big projects at Independence Fire Sprinkler Co., however. The company does not want to forget what’s most important: its customers. While growth has been sizable for the company, Kevin did not want to lose sight of his focus on customer relationships, which is why the company recently hired a general manager to oversee several on-going projects. Being able to focus on the customers’ needs is a top priority for Kevin. “I want to be as available as possible.” Kevin said, “I want my customers to know they can reach me at any time.”

Independence Fire Sprinkler Company and the NFSA

Scott shared that he finds a lot of value in his NFSA membership, especially the Expert of the Day service and Tech Tuesdays. Independence is also present at several PenJerDel chapter meetings and hopes to attend more in the future.

For more information on Independence Fire Sprinkler Corporation’s mission to protect lives by installing fire sprinklers in Philadelphia and the surrounding area, visit their website at