Member Monday: MJ Daly, LLC Services all Your Connecticut & Western Massachusetts Fire Protection Needs!

Connecticut fire sprinkler contractor: MJ Daly staffThe National Fire Sprinkler Association team was on-site at MJ Daly’s headquarters in Waterbury, Connecticut recently. NFSA staff toured the company’s impressive warehouse and offices with President Edward Carvalho, who shared the company’s history, services, and role within the industry.


MJ Daly OfficesThis year MJ Daly celebrates its 140th year in business. The company traces its unique history all the way back to 1882, when Michael Joseph Daly opened a small mechanical contracting firm and made pipe and supply deliveries using horse-drawn trailers.


Connecticut fire sprinkler contractor: MJ Daly OfficesOver the years MJ Daly has grown from its humble beginnings as a small operation into one of New England’s largest “do it all” mechanical contracting firms and a stellar Connecticut fire sprinkler contractor that handles jobs all over New England. Robert M. Bolton, CEO of Arden Building Companies, LLC and newly appointed National MCAA President, acquired MJ Daly in 2006 as part of Arden’s growth expansion in the Northeast. Other Arden Building Companies include Unique Metal Works, Earthwise Energy Technologies, Corporate Mechanical of New England, and Arden Engineering Constructors.

MJ Daly’s multiple teams allow the company to provide a full range of services across commercial, industrial, and institutional environments. They include virtual design and construction, engineering, building automation, and full fabrication and installation of mechanical/HVAC systems, plumbing, and fire protection systems. MJ Daly’s comprehensive preventative and reactive maintenance programs also are expansive and designed to fit all budgets. The organization boasts a highly trained service team that can respond to any service call 24/7.

Connecticut fire sprinkler contractor: MJ Daly Fleet

The company is so richly baked into the area’s local history that a resident even shared an MJ Daly catalog from the early 20th century that was in his father’s garage (pictured below).

Connecticut fire sprinkler contractor: MJ Daly publications

Today, MJ Daly is a leader in mechanical systems construction, service, and maintenance. Edward attributes MJ Daly’s success in part to its ability to change with the times. The company is constantly looking ahead at how the industry is evolving and making concerted efforts to innovate. Investing to embrace and implement new technologies, equipment, processes, and techniques has been MJ Daly’s business model since 1882.

A Tour of MJ Daly’s Facilities and Overview of Services

Edward took NFSA staff on a tour of MJ Daly’s 55,000 square foot shop. MJ Daly started doing fabrication over 60 years ago and not only supplies its own jobs but even sells to other contractors as well. MJ Daly’s shop is well-organized, accurately labelled, and meticulously stocked, which ensures employees can quickly take inventory, load items, or sell to its customers throughout Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

Connecticut fire sprinkler contractor: MJ Daly Facilities

MJ Daly’s impressive fleet of construction vehicles ensures they are able to provide construction, maintenance, and service to a wide range of organizations across New England. Through the years MJ Daly has provided mechanical contracting services to some of the most high-profile buildings in the Northeast and developed specific processes and solutions to service a full range of markets.

When it comes to fire protection work, MJ Daly handles it all, from wet and dry pipe systems, to deluge and preaction systems, foam systems, above-ground water storage tanks, underground fire mains, and hydrants. The fire protection division is staffed by designers, engineers, installers, service technicians, and fab shop personnel. This Connecticut fire sprinkler contractor designs, installs, and services both commercial and residential systems under NFPA 13, 13R, and 13D. The company’s on-site fabrication shop is an excellent resource that ensures accuracy and consistency with job-site deliveries. MJ Daly is also an authorized Fike dealer.

During the tour, Edward highlighted some of MJ Daly’s recent projects, including a complex project that involves the company installing pipe in a traffic tunnel that runs under a new 12-story building, as well as current projects at several hospitals and higher education facilities, including University of Connecticut and Yale University.

 MJ Daly and The National Fire Sprinkler Association

NFSA staff met with MJ Daly’s fire protection team of designers and sales professionals to discuss member benefits. The team has used NFSA’s Expert of the Day in the past and was very interested in hearing about NFSA’s recent EOD handbook publication. Numerous MJ Daly employees were present at NFSA’s Connecticut Chapter meeting later that night and have been very involved in the chapter for some time.

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