Member Monday: TLX Technologies Pushes the Bounds as a Fire Protection Supplier

Michael Wilson of The National Fire Sprinkler Association team had the privilege of sitting down with Jason Busalacchi, business unit manager, of TLX Technologies. TLX Technologies is a Supplier and Manufacturer Member (SAM) with the National Fire Sprinkler Association and covers a wide variety of fire protection products and services.

Forging a Reputation: How TLX Technologies Broke into the Fire Protection Industry

TLX Technologies opened its doors in 1998 and its first program was the development of high-speed digital valves aimed at controlling vehicle airbag inflation. While the technology never made it to market due to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) changing its requirements, TLX Technologies innovated and moved into the fire protection industry in 1999 (fun fact: TLX Technologies’ first fire protection customer remains a customer to this day). In addition to fire protection, TLX has product lines for the automotive and off-highway industries.

TLX Technologies offers several fire protection solutions, including a full line of solenoids and actuators, as well as other critical products. TLX’s solenoid valve plays a crucial role and is used within an automatic fire sprinkler system to initiate the flow of water for testing purposes.

Since day one, TLX has been headquartered in Wisconsin, moving from Waukesha to Pewaukee in 2012.  In 2010, the company expanded into international markets, including Europe and China. International business showed so much growth that TLX Technologies established TLX China in Changshu in 2015.

Advancing the Fire Protection Industry

Fire Protection Supplier - Supervised Pilot-Operated Solenoid ValveUntil recently, TLX Technologies has been focused on manufacturing for inert fire protection and other clean agent systems under NFPA 2001. However, the company is looking to expand its critical services into water-based fire protection systems with its Supervised Pilot-Operated Solenoid Valve. This solenoid valve is an actuator that will notify users both audibly and visually—ensuring the users know if the system is in working order.

The Supervised Pilot-Operated Solenoid Valve will be UL listed and will play a critical role in keeping fire suppression systems in working order. Jason promised that more information will be coming out about this product soon, so stay tuned. This could be a paramount year for TLX! We will be sure to update the NFSA community as soon as we know more.

TLX Technologies and the NFSA: Partners in Progress

Jason shared that TLX has been an NFSA member for some time now, and that NFSA membership has played an important role in addressing their customers’ needs. Furthermore, with the advent of their Supervised Pilot-Operated Solenoid Valve, TLX Technologies is confident that their NFSA membership will help them to promote and build their brand.

For more information on TLX’s product line, services, and history, visit their site at