Member Monday: DecoShield’s UL-Listed Products Make Fire Sprinkler Retrofits Possible

NFSA staff sat down with Justin Penney and Linda Camm, partner and president of DecoShield Systems, respectively. DecoShield staff discussed the company’s history, services, and role within the fire sprinkler industry.

DecoShield started in 1989 as Creative Systems. Around 20 years ago the company moved to Florida but retains a distribution facility in Wisconsin. The company’s product line is nothing short of unique and directly affects fire sprinkler retrofits across the continent.

The Snap-2 Pipe Hanger: Essential for Fire Sprinkler Retrofits

DecoShield - fire sprinkler retrofitsDecoShield offers a unique service as far as the fire sprinkler industry goes. The company produces several products that make retrofits possible. One such product is DecoShield’s Snap-2 Pipe Hanger which is produced from glass reinforced nylon that prevents rusting and corrosion. This hanger is designed to take up as little space as possible and sits right up against a wall. Once the hanger is installed, the user can simply snap the pipe into it to hold it in place. This product is UL/ULC listed and is essential in keeping retrofits simple.

Another line of products that DecoShield offers is its namesake DecoShield Systems. This product line functions as a covering for exposed pipe, alarms, and other fire sprinkler accessories. All of DecoShield’s products are made in the U.S.A. and the company prides itself on its quick turnaround time on shipping.

DecoShield’s Pipe Coverings Line Up

DecoShield’s products cover CPVC pipe all the way up to 2 ½ inch pipe. Once installed over exposed pipe, DecoShield will appear as crown molding or similar feature.

A common concern for homeowners or property owners looking to retrofit their spaces with sprinklers is aesthetics and affordability. DecoShield ensures that retrofits are a feasible option because it prevents contractors from having to cut into dry wall, making projects more efficient and minimizing clean up.

It should come as no surprise then that DecoShield’s products have been used in in a wide variety or retrofit projects, from modular homes to hospitals, hotels, and senior housing, and even historic buildings.

DecoShield - fire sprinkler retrofits DecoShield - fire sprinkler retrofits








DecoShield and the NFSA

DecoShield has made appearances at NFSA’s trade shows in the past and has been a member for quite some time. The company has had some success in Canada in the past year as well, as the Canadian government has mandated several retrofit projects. To learn more about DecoShield Systems and their product line, visit their website here.