Member Monday: Trident Fire & Fabrication Opens Shop in North Jersey

fire sprinkler fabrication shopNFSA staff sat down with Trident Fire & Fabrication’s founder Peter Braid, and sales representatives Josh Adler and Craig Diaz at the company’s headquarters in Carlstadt, New Jersey, to discuss the company’s history and services as a fire sprinkler fabrication shop.

Peter and his brother Jonathan founded Trident Fire & Fabrication in 2021 with Josh Adler, Craig Diaz and Josh Aluotto. The team pulls from decades of fire protection experience in a variety of different positions, including sales, fabrication, and operations. Peter explained that he and his team founded Trident because they’re passionate about fire fabrication and customer service.

Rather than hunkering down in these uncertain times, Peter and his team set out to make a name for themselves and their company. Luckily, with the protection field growing and the amount of buzz gathering around Trident Fire & Fabrication, the future looks bright for the team.

Trident Fire & Fabrication’s Services

As Peter and his team took NFSA staff on a tour of their shop, they explained a little more about what the company is planning on offering. At the time of the visit, Trident had opened shop in one building and was in the process of expanding into a neighboring building as well. This impressive space will house a full fire fabrication shop, complete with racks of pipes, valves, fittings, and everything a contactor needs to get the job done. More equipment is still on the way, including automatic welders, trucks, and much more to help the team meet their customers’ needs.

Peter and his team shared that they need to be nimble to provide for their customers. Luckily, the company’s small size and sole focus on fire fabrication means that its staff can go the extra mile for their customers, even if that means taking a last-minute trip into the city to make a delivery or working around a customer’s schedule so they can pick up materials.

“It’s all about the small stuff,” Peter explained, “our customers need us and we need them.”

Trident Fire & Fabrication and the NFSA

While Trident Fire & Fabrication is a new company, it wasted no time in joining the NFSA. That’s because the NFSA’s member directory and chapter meetings help with lead generation, an important tool for any sales team.

The NFSA staff shares the excitement of its new members like Trident Fire & Fabrication and hopes to serve them every step of the way as they advance the industry.

Check back often to hear more on the successes of NFSA members like Trident Fire & Fabrication.