Member Monday: Absolute Fire Protection, a Premier Detroit Fire Sprinkler Contractor

National Fire Sprinkler Association staff sat down with Bill Jacques, President of Absolute Fire Protection, a Detroit fire sprinkler contractor based out of Mount Clemens, Michigan, to discuss the company’s history, services, and relationship with the NFSA.

Fire Protection on the Great Lakes

Bill founded Absolute Fire Protection alongside his brother John Jacques and Kevin Bates in 1993. John and Bill were raised in fire protection, their father having been in the industry his whole life. Bill pulled on his 20 years of experience in the fire sprinkler industry as a fitter with Western States, then known as Northern Fire protection, as well as Phoenix Fire Protection. At its start, Absolute Fire Protection serviced the entire Detroit metropolitan area.

Bill explained that Absolute Fire Protection handles all their customers’ needs for fire sprinkler systems; from design to installation, and service work, Absolute prides itself on its timely customer service.

Absolute Fire Protection handles a variety of fire protection projects involving 13, 13R, and 13D systems. Recently, Bill explained that the company has been handling installs on several schools throughout the area, though in the past it has worked on a number of high rises and several other large-scale projects, including nursing homes recreational centers, government facilities, and even hospitals.

Partners in Progress: Absolute Fire Protection and the NFSA

Absolute Fire Protection has been an NFSA member for over 15 years now. In the company’s time with the NFSA, Bill shared that he and his team regularly use Expert of the Day to answer all their codes and standards questions; the Absolute Fire Protection team also regularly attends NFSA chapter meetings as well as expos.

Bill has also been proud to have held and still hold several leadership positions in the industry, including chair and vice-chair of the Detroit Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board and secretary of the Michigan Chapter of the NFSA.

Bill reflected on his time in the industry and shared that he is happy with the direction in which it is heading. He is also pleased with the number of new leaders that have come up in the industry who will no doubt make an impact and build off of the work of the previous generation.

To learn more about Absolute Fire Protection’s mission to save lives from the threat of fire, visit their website at